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its a beautiful day!

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You must be thinking “oh!, no not another how did I spend my day post”. Rest assured. This is not going to be one of them unless you closely look for the clues. But that way everything falls in the same line just like Keynes saying “In the long run, we all are dead”

For me a day is beautiful if I opened up myself (including my brain) and listened to new ideas.

So when a day starts with a refreshing bath in the form of 2 hour roaring water fight what more you can ask?. Well, this water fight is better (far better infact) than the earlier one we had. I came back to my room all tired. There are some readings to do. A couple of chapters in brealy myers, some time series related reading in QT and finally a 15% quiz preparation to be done in development….economies. Well, I started reading the fin but eventually BM succeeded in putting me to Zzzzz….

In the class, I came to know that QT 2nd term grades were out. I waited for the first class to get over so that I can find out my grade in QT. I am so happy to receive my FIRST A ever since I came here. Well, this is an achievement in itself. Proves that academically challenged engineers like me can still calculate probabilities and do regression analysis.

Afternoon I thought of watching a movie. A search in the LAN pointed me to DOC’s comp.(Pranav Mohan, the ONLY doctor in batch and my summers mate) Finally I decided to watch FRIENDS. You might be surprised to know this. But I have never seen friends. May be once or twice in TV. Otherwise I dont even know the character names. So there I was watching the first part of season 2. To be frank I liked the serial. Already downloaded 8 parts of season 2. Gonna watch them once I am done with my readings and submissions for the day.

that is all. Me off to Polariod now (Oh, that is the case reading btw)


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