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So, What is happening???

Published on Sep 4, 2004 in Random

Long time, Almost a week. Or is it more than that. Frankly, there is no one reason why i am not able to write anything here. as mentioned earlier, september 1 has been the favourite deadline for several course instructors. Result is that most of us are busy fine tuning their Just-In-Time skills 😛 well, […]

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Mad Termination

Published on Aug 16, 2004 in Random

Yes, I know that I was late. I know that I am lazy. But I could not help the mad pace at which things were happening here. If someone doesnot have proper time management skills, he is literally screwed up. Thank god, I was able to do the right thing at right time and now […]

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Cliched but Yes..

Published on Aug 9, 2004 in Random

yeah, the statement, 2 down 2 more to go is cliched but it is true. I am done with 2 of the mids and 2 more are due tomorrow. HBW was a major fart and with little effart one can score decent there. But RG played the spoilsport today. and thus, everybody will end up […]

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Announced Surprize,Words of the day and Armageddon

Published on Jul 26, 2004 in Random

Announced Surprizes: We had an announced surprize last week. We were informed that we will be having an HBW quiz (yuk!!! I hate it) on sat’day. So I spent the considerable amount of friday night and saturday morning poring over the tomes. Not that anything seeped into my mind, but it costed a couple of […]

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What a weekend it has been….

Published on Jul 19, 2004 in Random

So here goes your chance to peek into the life of a non-drinking non-smoking workless bachelor’s life over the weekend. What would he do? Where will he go? and finally how will he identify himself in a hilltop sanctuary????   The Saturday:   did i ever i told you that we have no concept of […]

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Bizzy Bees

Published on Jul 13, 2004 in Random

Excuse the obvious spelling mistake in the title of this p(f)art. well, to begin with, yesterday was a freeday for us. And when i say yesterday is a freeday i mean, we don’t have much to do today. We had 2 surprise quizzes yesterday. One on Eco and the other on accounting. since my ability […]

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Informal Night & other stuff

Published on Jul 10, 2004 in Random

We had our informal freshers party and cultural night yesterday. PGP1A and B sections were fighting against each other in an intense cultural event. The night kicked off with a grand dinner arranged by mess com with a decent dose of poultry. When i joined i had full hopes of unlimited poultry and masala stuff […]

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