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Announced Surprize,Words of the day and Armageddon

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Announced Surprizes:

We had an announced surprize last week. We were informed that we will be having an HBW quiz (yuk!!! I hate it) on sat’day. So I spent the considerable amount of friday night and saturday morning poring over the tomes. Not that anything seeped into my mind, but it costed a couple of hours of sleep.

and after 4 hours of classes, we were shocked to see that we have Eco quiz instead of HBW quiz. Another 2 hours of senceless page turning and mugging. And the quiz was a rape in short. Shaken what ever concepts i have. The rape continued on monday with accounting quiz. Majorly goofed up in the bits and expecting a downwardly revised grade in this quiz.

That is about the surprizes part.

coming to the most interesting item of the last week,

Words of the day:

This is to curtail the despo CP and keep the souls awake in the classes. the concept is this, We decide upon one or more words for the class. If a person CPs he has to include the words in his/her cp. Otherwise, he/she will be bumped after the class. In the last HBW class, we had the words ‘Vision’, ‘Emotion’ and ‘Integrty’. It was great fun listening to bulshit with these words. Taste this,

Prof: What is the Motivation and need?

Stud: A need with emotion becomes Motivation.


Stud: Sir, for example, suppose i have a vision(???) of marrying a girl. Then I will be motivated.

Prof: (with a shock on his face) What, you have a vision or Dream????


that is just a sample of various possiblities. I am waiting for the next hbw class.

The last and most important part of the entry is…


We the A blockers are having the informal night tonight. The title of the event is Apocalypse. and the tag line is ‘Real men stay on the top’  (we live on the top two floors and first floor is occupied by the other sex).

Lots of booze, fun, eateries, cds and games have been planned for the night. What not, even somebody started winampserver to streamline the muzic on the block. Tonight is gonna be long. since there are no classes tomorrow the apocalypse is gonna meet the dawn 😛

Thass all for now 🙂


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2 Responses to “Announced Surprize,Words of the day and Armageddon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    so having great!!!

    enjoy ra.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi purna,
    Great job man.

    going thru these stuff gives an extra boost to pepole like me dreaming abt IIMs..

    i'll be regular visitor to ur Modus Indoramus.


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