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Cliched but Yes..

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yeah, the statement, 2 down 2 more to go is cliched but it is true. I am done with 2 of the mids and 2 more are due tomorrow.

HBW was a major fart and with little effart one can score decent there. But RG played the spoilsport today. and thus, everybody will end up getting same grade again.

QT was not so cute. The simplex problem dragged into pages before yeilding the optimal solution and half the batch lost patience by that time. Chances of seeing a C seems to be suficient here. 😀

tomorrow seems to be a hidden danger since both eco and accounting are there. Eco is dangerous because, the prof is testing concepts using applications which i am not able to relate and Accounting is dangerous because, duh.. Need i tell about that??

Thass all for now. More info about the mids and the promised ‘RAPE’ in the next blog.


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