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Informal Night & other stuff

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We had our informal freshers party and cultural night yesterday. PGP1A and B sections were fighting against each other in an intense cultural event. The night kicked off with a grand dinner arranged by mess com with a decent dose of poultry. When i joined i had full hopes of unlimited poultry and masala stuff of which i am fond of. But my dreams were shattered when i came to know that we don’t have chicken as regular item in the menu. But we can always order it as a special item on …. well one day in month.. or something like that i guess :((

so where are we when i started my spiel on chicken… yes… the grand dinner… ummm. After the dinner, the culturals started at 10 pm. First was the Section A. their skit and other things were awesome and hilarious. People were clapping all the way through their performance.

Then came the Sex-on B. Ours was equally hilarious. Since the band members of PGP1 were mostly from section B, we had a muzic show also.After that the last item of the show came. That is ‘Roll me over’. Awesome music play with Dejo of pgp1b playing the hot babe of the play.

After the culturals, we were entertained by our band Diet Smoke with great music.

Immediately after this, the actual party started. Same as last saturday. Limited Booze and Unlimited Fun is the theme of this party. Despite the Limited cause, some of the smarties have managed to get most out of the drops/bottles. Melting Pot was full of smoke, music and energy. After dancing for about one hour, i had to come back to my room, because of my legs. They were paining like anything. I could not even stand there… shucks.

Today.. started off with a lazy note. Missed the breakfast. Masala Dosas… :((

After washing my clothes i read for sometime before rushing to lunch. Now slowly the next week is beginning. I had a meeting with my group to discuss some case in Human Behavior at Work. After this loads of reading to do in accounting. 🙁



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