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Preparatory Course Material - Excel Dashboards Masterclass - Australia 2012

Hi there,

Welcome to Advanced Excel & Dashboards Masterclass, Australia 2012. Thank you so much for enrolling in to this program.

Preparatory Material for the Dashboard Masterclass

In order to enjoy our masterclass & benefit from it, you need to go thru certain basic lessons and refresh your knowledge. In this page, you will find all the preparatory material neatly structured.

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Your Next Steps

  1. Bookmark or save a link to this page.
  2. Go thru the resources in this page and complete each task before your training date.

Training Task 1: Refresh your Excel knowledge (2 hours)

If you have been using Excel for a while or you are a newbie, chances are there are areas of Excel you are not familiar with. So I have created 10 short videos (each less than 10 minutes) to give you thorough overview of all aspects of Excel.

Training Task 2: Everyday Excel Formulas (2 hours)

Dashboards, Workbook models or any complex Excel based application involves using Formulas. In this preparatory task, I want you to be familiarized with various important Excel formulas. This section is broken in to 2 parts: Compulsory & Optional. Please read all the articles in the compulsory section. Go thru the optional section if you are curious to learn more.

Compulsory reading:

Optional reading:

Training Task 3: Conditional Formatting Introduction (1 hour)

Conditional formatting plays a critical role in data analysis & visualization. With new & powerful conditional formatting features introduced in Excel 2007 & 2010, you can do a lot with few clicks. Please read these resources to get introduced to the conditional formatting.

Your task:

Training Task 4: Introduction to VBA & Excel Macros (2 hours)

Excel VBA & Macros are a great way to enhance Excel dashboards and automate various aspects of your work. Go thru these resources & learn as much as you can before attending our Masterclass.

Your task:

Training Task 5: Sales Dashboard Examples (2 hours)

Before you attend the Masterclass, I want to tickle your curiosity and show you what is possible. So here are 32 Dashboard examples made by our readers in a dashboard contest. You will be learning several of these techniques and ideas in our masterclass.

Your task:

  1. Go thru Sales Dashboards page
  2. Download a few example files
  3. Examine the dashboard. Try to understand as much as you can.
  4. If you are curious, find more examples in Excel Dashboards page.

Training Task 6: Using Excel Productively (2 hours)

If you want to do awesome things with Excel, then you must learn how to use Excel better. In this section, I want to share a few resources that can boost your Excel productivity. Go thru them and learn as much as you can before the Masterclass.

Your task:

All the best

All the best in completing these preparatory tasks. I am very eager to meet you in Australia this Autumn and discuss all things Excel with you 🙂

And if you are not yet enrolled, Click here to join our Masterclass.