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unSafexpress and other stories …

Published on Mar 9, 2006 in Random

Couple of things… – my stuff from indore hasnt arrived yet. thanks to safexpress folks. The excuse they gave is “we couldnt find the address”, God should only know why they are in the delivery business. – Been to my native place “machilipatnam” for a couple of days. Now you know why I didnt smell […]

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Brands, Stop assuming customers are dumb!

Published on Jan 6, 2006 in Random

There are brands, and then there are brands, which make us look like the dumbest asses possible. The case in point – MTR foods Their latest television ads about MTR Upma make you feel like you have the IQ of a paper napkin. One of the ads go like this. There will be a bunch […]

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10 things that I cherish about 2005

Published on Jan 3, 2006 in Random

Let me warn you, this is not a tag post. Now that you are relaxing let me take you through some of the most memorable things about 2005. The year started with a weeklong wonderful time spent with my fiancee. Its one of the best vacations we ever had. I got my Canon A75 Powershot. […]

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PHD Blogmela

Published on Dec 30, 2005 in Random

Sorry for the slight delay in uploading the mela. I am stuck up with some submissions in the school :), without further delay. Nation Round-up: The most horrible and shocking news of the week is the terror attacks in IISc – Bangalore. Read more about the incident on youth curry. Exactly a year ago the […]

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Where will the multiplex go now?

Published on Dec 24, 2005 in advertising, business, ideas, wonder why

You pay almost Rs. 200 for a service X. You drive almost 10 km to get the service. But to your utter dismay, you have little or no say in where you want your service to be delivered, to decide how long your want the break in between to be, you couldn’t sit with your […]

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Doing Nothing

Published on Sep 4, 2005 in Random

This is how it feels… I wake up from the bed with a shameful feeling inside my now defunct head. I woke up not because its time, but because I am bored of oversleeping. I mean, how long can one really sleep? 10 hours? 12 hours? A whole day?  I seem to have developed acute aversion […]

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Recipe of my L!fe

Published on Aug 29, 2005 in Random

Type: Non-vegServings: Many Ingredients: 1 myself 😀1 Alarm clock1 Very good mattress1 Well equipped gymnasium1 Badminton court1 Computer with net connection1 Camera1 Blog account300 + friends online2-3 Library books40 GB of movies20 GB of musicA working version of FreeCellDaily The Hindu crosswordLatest copies of India Today, Business World & Outlook Traveler Preparation: Make the mattress […]

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Leh Trip – Part 3

Published on Aug 26, 2005 in Random

We were ready with our cameras and sweaters by 6:30 in the morning and very enthusiastic about boating in Dal lake. Some general info on the lake for the lesser mortals. Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of India and the second largest in the J&K state. Its three sides are surrounded […]

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Leh Trip – Part 2

Published on Aug 19, 2005 in pics, travels

A rattle of cha/coffee pulled me out of dreamland. The train is moving fast towards Jammu Tawi station. By that time others are awake. The scenery outside looked really beautiful with lots of greenery and plains. Every now and then we see a huge army camp. Outside Jammu Tawi Rly. Station At about 7 AM […]

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Leh Trip – Part 1

Published on Aug 17, 2005 in Random

Suddenly there was a lot of commotion. I opened my eyes and Pani is laughing in front of me. He insisted that I take out my bag as we are getting down the train. I looked out of the window only to find out that the train stopped in the middle of nowhere. Last thing […]

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Published on Aug 16, 2005 in Random

Culprits ~ 5 Spent ~ 10 DaysRafted ~ 30 KMsClicked ~ 800 PhotosTravelled ~ 4500 KMsReached ~ up to 18380 Feet Memories cherished ~ Infinite I am back from the most wonderful vacation of my life. No classes for another 5 days. Thanks to my electives. A major travelogue is coming up. Stay tuned!

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Meeting with Mr. Barber

Published on Aug 2, 2005 in Random

I always wanted to write about my hair and its adventures. There are two reasons for it,– I never know how much more time its going to last.– Dont bother! History of Human Hair: The story of hair dates back to Neanderthal man. Probably it was there before his times too. The point is not […]

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Perdition & Paradise

Published on Jul 25, 2005 in Random

Hell: “tuyoooon” moans my mailbox alert sound. I open the box to check what is there now. As it is a saturday I was expecting a certain mail from certain person about certain things. “I am here to screw your happiness” screams the mail from P%^ office. The mail is simply an attachment of the […]

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Brand Extension

Published on Jul 15, 2005 in Random

We had a presentation session on ‘brand extensions’ today in brand management class. It was a good learning experience to see what are the possibilities and steps to be taken before extending a brand. Its an altogether different question that some people were not comfortable with the idea of Apple getting into space travel. But […]

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Why is selling soaps over-hyped?

Published on Jul 6, 2005 in Random

Its a common trend in almost all b-schools in the country during the second year. People talk about this more than anything including marriage, junior babes and CPs. Suddenly we can see a change in the orientation of us. Its placements. Well, even I have a story to tell. For the last God-only-know-how-many-times I was […]

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