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Brands, Stop assuming customers are dumb!

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MTR Upma There are brands, and then there are brands, which make us look like the dumbest asses possible. The case in point – MTR foods Their latest television ads about MTR Upma make you feel like you have the IQ of a paper napkin.

One of the ads go like this. There will be a bunch of guys sitting. One of them is cooking something. Others ask him “what is there to eat?”. He shouts Upma.

 MTR Upma 1 MTR Upma 2

The ma in the end reaches up to a flight that is traveling what is like 10 km straight up and a old women suddenly hears it. She takes a parachute and lands up in the terrace to finish the upma. The guys say happily, “MTR Upma fetched us ma”

MTR Upma 3 MTR Upma 4

Now, what is it they want to say?

  • It is so tough to make upma with MTR instant upma mix that your mom has to jump from where ever she is to help you out.
  • You are dumb and incapable of making upma out of this ready mix, that’s why MTR Upma mix can fetch you a maa to cook for you
  • Or is it something else?

The other ad is even worse. Just because somebody has stuffed his mouth with upma he gets a portion in a play as Hanuman. Oh, come on now; please realize that the customers are probably not interested in getting para-gliding moms or instant hanumans. They want a story that they can relate to.

What is a successful brand? A brand that can tell you stories and makes you feel proud when you associate with it.

With that I end my argument.

Images: AgencyFaqs


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