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10 things that I cherish about 2005

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Let me warn you, this is not a tag post. Now that you are relaxing let me take you through some of the most memorable things about 2005.

  1. The year started with a weeklong wonderful time spent with my fiancee. Its one of the best vacations we ever had.
  2. I got my Canon A75 Powershot. And thus born Purnography. [See part 1,2,3]
  3. Summers in Mumbai. One of the sexiest cities I have ever been to. All the watering holes in colaba, the chowpatti and the marine drive, the wilson’s, local trains, vada pav & cutting, kulfis and all the other eatouts, it was really fun.
  4. Services marketing and the amazing prof. happened. He is one person responsible for initiating a new thinking process in me.
  5. Leh/Ladakh. Its the best holiday ever. [Travelogue 1,2,3]
  6. IRIS – Undoubtedly the best management festival of the year. And I am proud to run it along with Goyal, Arya, Dewan, Parvez, Mehra, Dejo, Jiten and Sanchit. Its been a part of my life for most of the last year
  7. Laterals, I am really happy for some of my close friends who recieved fantastic offers from very good companies. Way to go Sudhir, Venkat, Govar and Shadab
  8. On the personal front, the year ended with another really good news. My girl friends parents have agreed for our marriage. Its a great relief.
  9. I have learned to appreciate several new things. photography, crosswords to name a few.
  10. Finally the blog: PHD has been a part of my life. It survived all my cribs, rants, praises, wonderings and what not. Hoping that it will reach newer heights this year as well.



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