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Doing Nothing

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This is how it feels…

I wake up from the bed with a shameful feeling inside my now defunct head. I woke up not because its time, but because I am bored of oversleeping. I mean, how long can one really sleep? 10 hours? 12 hours? A whole day?  I seem to have developed acute aversion towards long duration slumbership.

Madhu stopped to enthuse me. Somehow I feel that I can do hazaar more things when I have hazaar other things to do. May be this is how the school has ruined me. They loaded me with a bunch of assignments, voluble cases, forests of readings, megabytes of PowerPoint’s and other bucketfuls of junk and I also found time for blogging, pornography, travel, quizzes, sleep and bakar. But now, I don’t have a single class in 72 hours and all I managed to do is ‘getting bored of nothing’. All the while I question myself, “how much of nothing one can do?” but I end up gazing in to vacuum through the artificial I_am_busy layer full of websites, freecell, badminton, movies and booze.

As I sit in front of my computer on a bright and wonderful Sunday morning with clothes as old as my last class all I can see is hope in the next one week. 9 classes, shit load of work and sleep depravation.

Duh! I am addicted to work. 🙁


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