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Published on Feb 16, 2005 in Random

Yesterday, I was making a ppt for some operations related issues and came across a couple of articles on the web related to how manufacturing outsourcing is happening. While reading one of the articles I have realized a strange thing. It is, companies obcession with acronyms. So much so that they have acronyms like MOST […]

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Are we far from reality?

Published on Jan 27, 2005 in Random

Yesterday during our habitual night walks govar, srickant (only non-ghissu academic committee member) and myself started arguing about this article. Srickant was for the issues raised in the article. Me and Govar are against the issues. For those who have not read the article here is the crux of it. IIMs or other Indian B […]

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Accounting of Exams !

Published on Jan 22, 2005 in Random

Well, you have seen them all. Cost accounting, management accounting, HR accounting, this accounting, that accounting. But Accounting of Exams??? Well, I guess there is no such concept in existence till now. Hmm, so something original, you must be thinking. But even if you are remotely aware of the blog title you will remember that […]

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Published on Jan 7, 2005 in Random

Just now came back from the long and wonderful vacation. this place(insti) feels really cold. High time i dragged myself under the sheet for a couple of hours. will write more after i am done with my registration process today 🙂 Tada!

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See the learning

Published on Dec 19, 2004 in Random

Note: This post assumes minimum knowledge of cost accounting terminology. Also anything that has ‘account’ in it written by an engineer would be highly sarcastic. You are warned! Scene 1 (Location: our very own parliament house, Time: just after a loksabha winter session)Speaker: (Sigh!) another round of mindless damage to this house. Last year during […]

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Marcovian queues, arranged marriages and forefathers !!!

Published on Dec 6, 2004 in Random

Well, upon looking at the three words Marcovian Queues, Arranged Marriage and Forefathers any sane person (Aah!, that excluded all the managers in the world :D) would say that they are totally unconnected. Today, i am here to prove that indeed they have a strong relationship among themselves. So much so that, the relationship is […]

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I stink, therefore I exist

Published on Dec 2, 2004 in Random

Thanks largely to the marketing presentation due today and the impending winter. I was working till 5:30 on the case and ppt. Weather here is slowly becoming nasty and last night wasnt any better. When i crashed in the odd hour my room is damn cold. The sack felt like a sponge soaked in chilled […]

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are you doing BLOWJOB???

Published on Nov 24, 2004 in Random

Gosh!, you must be thinking that finally I started writing something interesting (???). Well, it very well is interesting. Just that it is not in the horizontal plane in which you are thinking it is.Without any further titles and other irrelevant stuff lets get to the ‘job’ in hand. BLOW in the blowjob stands for […]

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Pick the Pix

Published on Oct 27, 2004 in Random

Ravan, Standing tall he is The leg team that is Men at work Raw Material Processing Department Torturing my sidey, Yours truly Current Y! status says: Ideas for Torture # 01: Make sure that the case uses 8pt Times New Roman font with single spacing and no borders and runs into 24 pages

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T1 – An Interim Status Report

Published on Oct 1, 2004 in Random

I am here for the Term 2 of the PGDM. Before I start blabbering anything about the t2 I think a review of the term one might be a good read. Like everyother soul on this hill I also came with infinite dreams and unlimited($) hopes to this place. Well, looking back at the term […]

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Jargon Stanle-i

Published on Aug 19, 2004 in Random

Aaah… Finally the Messiah cometh. The post that unlocks the B skool jargon wisdom to the common outside the gates. Read through some of the craziest words used by elItes. CP – This ominous word has numerous numinous followers. But nonetheless the meaning is same for all of us. CP stands for Crap Participation. Other […]

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I is Wet…

Published on Jul 9, 2004 in Random

yeah.. I is wet. this is what happened today ( or should i say yesterday and today 😛 ) since there is no work ( well, not much 😀 ) I slept at 11:45 types with full hopes of catching a 6-7 hour sleep. at about 1:20 am… Bang Bang…. Bang Bang…. Saale bahar aaaja…. […]

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more cases and saturday night party

Published on Jul 4, 2004 in Random

Saturday was not that hectic comparared to what we had on the other 2 days. in the morning i had the class from 9-11 and we discussed the case in groups. Eventhough we dint had a chance to present the case, it was a nice experience to participate in the discussion. Later we had some […]

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