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Are we far from reality?

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Yesterday during our habitual night walks govar, srickant (only non-ghissu academic committee member) and myself started arguing about this article. Srickant was for the issues raised in the article. Me and Govar are against the issues.

For those who have not read the article here is the crux of it.

IIMs or other Indian B Schools are far from providing realistic training for would be managers. They lack in areas like peer evaluation. Also the case studies are disconnected with reality. There is not much emphasis on improvement of self.

Some of the interesting points that came up in our discussion are,

Srickant: The B Schools should fine tune their processes. They should have more emphasis on experiential learning, peer evaluation and diversity of batch. The current system present in IIMs (atleast IIMI) is giving lot of freedom which is resulting pitfalls. We dont have an avenue to integrate all concepts gathered in various courses and apply them in real life examples.

Govar: Things like peer evaluation is not the solution to the problem. Outside world is ridden with bureaucracy. You need to learn it here itself. Case studies are not waste of time. Rather they just enable you to sensitize with issues and develop a solution to tackle them. One cannot say “how is a GM case helpful in Indian context”. Also, the problem of integration is addressed with the help of various opportunities like bplan contests.

Me: It is up the individual to take what he want from the system. At this level one cannot blame the system. You have the freedom to explore yourself and findout what you want. Why would I be caring about some course if I am not interested in it. I would rather spend time understanding something else. You should use your mind for integration and application of concepts. The System cannot force you to do it.

As you can see 3 people and 3 different povs. But again the question remains more or less unanswered. That is because there is no answer to it. No matter whatever we suggest today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Think!


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