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Water Fight Ver. 2.1

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[Read Waterfight 1.1 here :D]

I read an article long before coming here, when I was a kid and practicing 8th class mathematics and elementary grammar to crack an exam named after an animal. The article is written by a b-school student. One line in the article surprised me alot. It goes like this,
“B-school education is an emotional roller coaster ride.”
Then I thought to myself, ” Huh! what will be there in a 2 year programme that can make your emotions go up and down so much?”

Looking back after almost 2 years I can testify that the programme indeed is an emotional roller coaster ride.

Many people ask me what is the toughest part of the 2 years? Is it exams, cases, presentations, quizzes, nightouts, stink, bad food, no women, placements, classes, profs, egoistic friends, no holidays, expenses?

Surprisingly nobody ever wanted to findout what is the most exciting and happiest of all. If I have to tell what are the 3 most energetic moments in my life during the last one year I will say,

– Waterfights
– Utsaha

No my dear, none of the placements, exams, quizzes, nightouts, terabytes of porn, music, classes are exciting. If you want to see the unlimited energy of 200+ mad souls you got to be at one of the above three things.

2 days ago we had the first water fight of the year. This is when juniors feel a part of the system and get a feeling of purging themselves of earlier crimes and qualifications 😛

Even though I believe that no camera can capture the excitement and fun here are some snaps of it.
[Click to enlarge]


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