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Question for MBAs

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Imagine this:

You have an important client presentation day after tomorrow. You are going to demonstrate one of your company’s products and convince the client to use it in her upcoming project. Now suddenly you realized that the product has a feature that you cannot understand, like an excel import feature which is not working since you dont know what template to use. You get the point, right?

Now, the problem is the developers who worked on the product are out of reach, lets say they left the company or currently in Bolivia. Fortunately you have done computer engineering or worked on VB (or whatever technology) as part of your pre-MBA job.

Your choices are,

– You could use your forgotten programming skills to understand the code / tech-documents and findout why its not working. If its a small thing, you dont mind fixing it. You do this because you dont mind using your other skills even though its not your job profile or anything.

– Use your contacts inside the company and get sometime from a VB programmer and sit with him to understand the problem and see how to get a work around. You do this because you beleive that you are not the best person to do this job.

– Ignore the particular feature for this demo. You do this because using your pre-MBA skills belittle you.

What would you do?


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