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Published on Oct 9, 2005 in Random

The season begins with a bang! I am not referring to tollywood movie season with a big hit, but to the b-school festival season. Our team participated in MDI Gurgaon’s management festival called as Imperium. We won the first prize in a marketing event called MarkeThink. In fact we clean swept the event with another […]

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Published on Sep 12, 2005 in Random

getLatestUpdates() {     Blogger phd = new Blogger(“http://chandoo.org/blog”);      // Add recent movies      phd.addMoviesWatched(“Dus”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Se7en”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Dr. Strangelove”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“A Clockwork Orange”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“1984”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Fight Club”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Girl Next Door”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Motorcycle Diaries”);     phd.addMoviesWatched(“Seabiscuit”);      // Add recent activities      phd.addThingsDone(Thing.getNothing(severalTimes));      // Add recent readings      phd.addCartoonsRead(“Calvin & Hobbes”, “500 Strips” );      // Update blog      phd.update();      // Say goodbye!      phd.sayToVisitors(“Goodbye!”);     phd.emoteToVisitors(“”);}

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Doing Nothing

Published on Sep 4, 2005 in Random

This is how it feels… I wake up from the bed with a shameful feeling inside my now defunct head. I woke up not because its time, but because I am bored of oversleeping. I mean, how long can one really sleep? 10 hours? 12 hours? A whole day?  I seem to have developed acute aversion […]

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Recipe of my L!fe

Published on Aug 29, 2005 in Random

Type: Non-vegServings: Many Ingredients: 1 myself 😀1 Alarm clock1 Very good mattress1 Well equipped gymnasium1 Badminton court1 Computer with net connection1 Camera1 Blog account300 + friends online2-3 Library books40 GB of movies20 GB of musicA working version of FreeCellDaily The Hindu crosswordLatest copies of India Today, Business World & Outlook Traveler Preparation: Make the mattress […]

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Ladakh Itinerary

Published on Aug 5, 2005 in Random
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Purnography – The VT ishtyle

Published on Jun 8, 2005 in Random

Just before leaving mumbai we (dock, karthick an myself) went to VT to see a movie (which ofcourse is a real time and money waster) and then to do some shopping. I got some really nice snaps of the buildings there. Check them out. Mumbai Nagara Palika Bhavan, VSNL Building VT Station Mumbai Nagara Palika […]

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Published on May 23, 2005 in Random

Dont know what to name the post. So lets not waste understanding the title. – Pune has wonderful weather. Outrageous south indian food in restaurants. astronomically high ticket costs in movie halls. good eat outs. lots of book shops. few options for transportation inside city. hazaar malls and multiplexes. – Nagpur is a bad city […]

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A weekend that was…

Published on Apr 25, 2005 in Random

Me had a wonderful weekend. Sorry for the late post. I am busy meeting doctors and gathering their inputs. Anyways, coming back to the weekend stuff, it started on the evening of thursday itself with hairy, karthick (an fms dude) and me watching “Mumbai Expresss“. Not a very great movie. But full of dumb comedy. […]

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In retrospect: 3rd Block Rocks

Published on Mar 17, 2005 in Random

Welcome to the first one of the “in retrospect” series. I will write about my past experiences, the places and the people in this series of posts. The posts wont come one after another so dont rush to your time machine. Instead they will come as and when i am free and there is no […]

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Published on Mar 16, 2005 in Random

I am feeling better. Thanks to the medication suggested by our doctor. Other than a rare sickness nothing new is happening as far as 2004pgp078 is concerned. The rare sickness brings me to the topic of last sickness i had. It was sometime during 2003 september. I had a terrific fever. Bunked office for 5 […]

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Presented Propaganda and Other Stories

Published on Mar 13, 2005 in Random

One after another, they all came just after us. When Anoop (my groupmate) told me to wear formals to the class since we have a presentation to make, little did I imagined what the situation would be. After first two presentations it became clear that staying awake throughout 19 presentations each of them lasting for […]

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The PHD Blogmela

Published on Mar 5, 2005 in Random

Welcome to PHD Blogmela. Just now completed reading all the posts nominated and boy!, this is going to be a real Indian blogmela. Majority of the nominations centered around India as in they spoke about India rather than about some Indian. Ok, I am not wasting anymore time. Lets jump in to the PHD Blogmela. […]

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How to feel wonderful?

Published on Mar 4, 2005 in Random

PS: The PHD Blogmela will be closed in another couple of hours. So rush in your entries here. Everyone of us have our better days. and then none of us can escape the tenseful, loaded days either. Despite boasting about the chilled life of school, I still live a hectic life quite often. When i […]

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My Hindi Sucks

Published on Feb 27, 2005 in Random

Travails of being a southie doesn’t start with a long name or end with an engineering degree. Till I came here my only worry is my long and historical sounding name. Ok, Lets talk about the name first. My name is (provided you dont disclose this valuable information to others), Duggirala Raja Raja Surya Chandra […]

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Published on Feb 25, 2005 in Random

Madhu!, Ever since you entered my life I am a changed person. I have neglected friends, family and studies for you. You have always been the central part of my existence. Following me through thick and thin of life. You were the first person to know when i wrote my firt infinite loop. You were […]

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