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I am feeling better. Thanks to the medication suggested by our doctor. Other than a rare sickness nothing new is happening as far as 2004pgp078 is concerned. The rare sickness brings me to the topic of last sickness i had. It was sometime during 2003 september. I had a terrific fever. Bunked office for 5 days and cried once because i found myself totally miserable.

Coming back to 2005 march, day before yesterday’s bunking of classes helped me in restarting my computer. Something which i do once in a month or so. The break also helped me in watching Season 5 of Friends. That is like 2640 minutes of friends since this. So much for an MBA term. But frankly friends has eaten into my other types of entertainment like movies and chatting. 😀

Chalo, I got a FIN quiz tomorrow.


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