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In retrospect: 3rd Block Rocks

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Welcome to the first one of the “in retrospect” series. I will write about my past experiences, the places and the people in this series of posts. The posts wont come one after another so dont rush to your time machine. Instead they will come as and when i am free and there is no other news. 🙂

“3rd Block” is our hostel block for sweet 4 years during engineering. I vividly remember the first day i entered into 3rd block. The block looks like a circular prism. First impression I made was that of a jail. With no paints and fort like look and all those horror stories about ragging the block scared me alot. It is alloted for comp sci, ece and eee guys. undoudtedly the creme of auce.

Room No. 79. I am to share it with 2 more people namely prasad and janardhan. The room is next to TV room. Post ragging period I spent more time in TV room than in my room. During ragging we werent allowed to watch TV. my room is in top floor. And top floor is known for comp sci rooms. There is a legend that room no 65 (or 60something) sends people to TCS. So all final year people used to fight for that room.

Some of the block rituals we were introduced during first year are, block songs, block day, block holi, block cricket.

The block culture mandates that right of ragging stays with second year students. even though others get a fair share of “sd”, “wishes”, “block songs” done by juniors, it is the second years who get most of the junior’s free(sh) time ;).

Our batch adopted 3rd floor right wing. Most of us stayed there for all the 4 years. I stayed in 79, 85, 91 and 87.

3rd Block has seen many firsts in my life. like, first porn movie, first chicken taste etc. etc. Even madhu (my comp) spent her first night there :D. I got some of the friends for life in that block. I am looking forward to summer vacation when i can go to vizag and took some snaps of the place. Will write more about the block and my exciting experiences there sometime later.

Recently the college changed the policies and now the block is a hostel for post-graduate students. It is sad that they choose our block to do this. Whatever may be the rooms, the spirit of the people remains.

Long live 3rd Block. Long live AUCE.



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