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My Hindi Sucks

Published on Feb 27, 2005 in Random

Travails of being a southie doesn’t start with a long name or end with an engineering degree. Till I came here my only worry is my long and historical sounding name. Ok, Lets talk about the name first. My name is (provided you dont disclose this valuable information to others), Duggirala Raja Raja Surya Chandra […]

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Midterms and nothingelse

Published on Feb 23, 2005 in Random

On a dark night, I am sitting in my room with QT textwondering whether to learn T-Test or go out for a Tea Taste Tomorrow (or rather today) is the last day of mids. Got QT and OM exams. Sofar finished majority of QT. will go through OM once I comeback from T break. Actually […]

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Published on Feb 20, 2005 in Random

When i was a kid, i was fascinated by numbers. So much so that I used to top all the maths courses. Later during the engineering first year when I failed to add 2 matrices in the final exam I felt like suiciding. It was such a shame for me. All the penchant for numbers […]

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its a beautiful day!

Published on Feb 10, 2005 in Random

You must be thinking “oh!, no not another how did I spend my day post”. Rest assured. This is not going to be one of them unless you closely look for the clues. But that way everything falls in the same line just like Keynes saying “In the long run, we all are dead” For […]

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It is a strict reGYM, your HIGHness!

Published on Feb 7, 2005 in Random

Years of mountaineering in AUCE (well, the road to my dept from block3 is mountain enough) ensured that I am thin. Infact I am more than that. I am malnutrionesque, bollywood_heroinesque thin in those days. I tried all types of gimmicks to gain some weight. alas, but there is no end to my wait. Then […]

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What did you say your name is???

Published on Jan 24, 2005 in Random

I always thought that people would love to hide their identity when it comes to online forums/chat rooms/etc. Some mavericks always try to come up with crazy names too. Still some more people hide their identities even in blogs. When you are a regular user and mod at largest B school student online community in […]

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Accounting of Exams !

Published on Jan 22, 2005 in Random

Well, you have seen them all. Cost accounting, management accounting, HR accounting, this accounting, that accounting. But Accounting of Exams??? Well, I guess there is no such concept in existence till now. Hmm, so something original, you must be thinking. But even if you are remotely aware of the blog title you will remember that […]

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Ideas … Infinite!

Published on Jan 20, 2005 in Random

Well, it is not a T-shirt caption. Rather it is about the current term in the 2 year course i want to blog. When term3 kick started 10 days ago, I thought it would be another 30% content and 70% global term with more fundaes on various areas of management and understanding people. I couldnt […]

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See the learning

Published on Dec 19, 2004 in Random

Note: This post assumes minimum knowledge of cost accounting terminology. Also anything that has ‘account’ in it written by an engineer would be highly sarcastic. You are warned! Scene 1 (Location: our very own parliament house, Time: just after a loksabha winter session)Speaker: (Sigh!) another round of mindless damage to this house. Last year during […]

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Welcome to Chandoo.org !

Published on Dec 10, 2004 in Random

I have purchased my domain name and some puny webspace yesterday night using the plastic. I started experimenting with moving the blog pages from Blog*spot to this place. Finally the move is complete and now all my future blogs will be available here [http://chandoo.org/blog] only. It is at this point i understood that i need […]

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alphabetical grades and assorted updates…

Published on Dec 8, 2004 in Random

Thus came the results of first five marketing quizzes. Being an intuitive marketer that i am, i never consulted the kotler for furthering my marketing gyaan. so when the grades came i was neither interested in my positioning in the class nor i am hurrying towards the board. but there are few things in life […]

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Marcovian queues, arranged marriages and forefathers !!!

Published on Dec 6, 2004 in Random

Well, upon looking at the three words Marcovian Queues, Arranged Marriage and Forefathers any sane person (Aah!, that excluded all the managers in the world :D) would say that they are totally unconnected. Today, i am here to prove that indeed they have a strong relationship among themselves. So much so that, the relationship is […]

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150 days of Blogging and B School Life

Published on Nov 27, 2004 in Random

Sometime this week i have completed both of them. and sitting in my room on a saturday night when there is no party, not enough movies to watch and more importantly the fact that tomorrow is a holiday has prompted me to write about this. This post tries to present a raw soul searching and […]

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210 minutes of tragedy and 120 minutes of comedy …

Published on Nov 22, 2004 in Random

well, that pretty much summerizes the scene of 2 mids i had today. first in the day i had finance mid. well, as somebody was saying after the exam ‘the prof had left only 4 ratios in the text book’. Anybody who knows the spelling of finance can guess that at the most rudimentary level, […]

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Strategic Repositioning of Blog

Published on Nov 11, 2004 in Random

Join me in bidding ‘bye bye’ to modus indoramus. The blog is no more. Welcome to world of hopeless engineers. Welcome to the world full of maniac decision makers. Welcome to Pointy Haired Dilbert. Welcome to the Ultimate Management Reality. Aaah, That sure is a grandoise way of putting things. Well, to make it simple, […]

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