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Midterms and nothingelse

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On a dark night, I am sitting in my room with QT text
wondering whether to learn T-Test or go out for a Tea Taste

Tomorrow (or rather today) is the last day of mids. Got QT and OM exams. Sofar finished majority of QT. will go through OM once I comeback from T break. Actually the preparation isnt that heavy. But again who is complaining about bad grades as long as they dont fall below Bneg.

Todays (if you considered earlier rather then it is yesterday) MIT exam was total chill. 50 marks, 70 mins. Some of the questions are specific. Others are global. Sometimes I feel like totally lacking any type of competitve advantage after coming here. Fin/Accounting exams are tough for engineers and easy for the commerce/ca studs. eco exams are easy for eco grads. everything else is easy for everyone. I feel that they should ask proof for RSA and grain size decisions in concurrency control in the MIT exam. That is the only way i can earn an ‘A’ here :D. Kidding. on a more serious note I actually enjoyed the MIT exam. This is one course where I dont have to go thru readings.

OM, here I cOMe!


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