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alphabetical grades and assorted updates…

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Thus came the results of first five marketing quizzes. Being an intuitive marketer that i am, i never consulted the kotler for furthering my marketing gyaan. so when the grades came i was neither interested in my positioning in the class nor i am hurrying towards the board. but there are few things in life which you cannot avoid. for ex. lazy software engineers, annoying hr managers, notice boards displaying marks.

To my surpirse my grades looked like this. a,b,c,d,f not exactly in the same order. :d

Barring the odd marketing stuff, life is moving in a pretty much relaxed way now. end terms are zooming fast. another 20 days and i will be free with vacation.

Today i got fed up wearing the same pair of jeans for something like 20 days and decided to empty the wardrobe full of dirty clothes. to my surpise i had something like 1.5 washing machines full of clothes to wash. thankfully it is done now.

These days i am thinking alot about registering a domain for myself and hosting my blog and personal pages there. some priliminary research showed me that it costs Rs. 1000 an year to maintain that. Not very costly. not cheap either. I have made up my mind that i will go for it. You can expect the change in the coming weeks.

chalo den. Gotta prepare for a quiz now.


Y! Status says: A dummy’s guide to understanding dummy’s guide


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2 Responses to “alphabetical grades and assorted updates…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey chandu,
    Not relating to this post but generally about your posts.
    Came upon your blog on a day when I thought I should read whats happening in our B-schools. Your posts are really great dude and what makes your posts different from other guys is the simple not-so-complicated 'HUMOR' part of it.

    Keep up the great job and before I forget let me mark this site in my favorites...YO!

  2. Chandoo says:

    That is so kind of you to post a comment like that.

    Happy reading 🙂

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