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It is a strict reGYM, your HIGHness!

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Years of mountaineering in AUCE (well, the road to my dept from block3 is mountain enough) ensured that I am thin. Infact I am more than that. I am malnutrionesque, bollywood_heroinesque thin in those days.

I tried all types of gimmicks to gain some weight.
alas, but there is no end to my wait.

Then by a stroke of dumb luck I got a software engineer job. During the initial days I was fascinated by the prospect of having coffee 3 times a day and eating out twice a week. Soon I depended more on outside food. I started stuffing myself with all types of poultry as well as nonpoultry delicacies. In a matter of 4 months I am looking like a mini shakeela. from bollywood to kerala wood. So much for software engineering.

Then I thought i will regain my shape. I bought a brand new pair of canvas shoes. Started running from my room to the nearest bus-stop and then back. This went on very well for 3 days. Then suddenly I had to work extra time in office. So when I come back I had any time left for the cat preparations. I kicked the shoes under the bed. By the time we delivered the software to client I am looking like pregrent ready for delivery. Well, It is not that bad. But I could feel the difference. Since my room is in 4th floor, I stopped coming out from my room unless it is necessary. When ever I need to go out, it was festival for the auto drivers in my area.

Soon, I gained lots of spare fat at every part in the body that I looked like a sack filled with sand and bulging in every direction. But GOD had it other way. He said “beta, you had enough fun cheating your boss and drinking coffee, why dont you go to school and work like a donkey?” I was jumping with joy reading all the torture stories of the b school and happy that there is no way i can be fat in the school.

But, as with most of the ironies of life, soon I had to realize that I am putting on more weight here. We have torture. But what is the use when you have access to 20 hour canteen, fruit stall, store and good mess food? So there I am stuffing my plate with parathas, rotis, rasgollas, ice creams, grapes and curd on almost hourly basis. soon my tummy growth rate is more than my canteen dues growth rate.

On one fine day, I thought to myself, “why not?, I have done everything in engineering to gain weight. No use. Now I am doing nothing to loose weight and cribbing to myself. Whynot go to gym and workout?”. Since they teach us the importance of group work, I realised that I need a partner to maintain a schedule to gym. Otherwise it will become something like my accounts preparation. Brief, rare, painful and boring. Soon I found another sympathizing software engineer willing to burn his extra calories in the gym. We started going there regularly.

Now I can feel the difference. I have more energy at disposal. I feel fresh most of the day. I dont get sleep. I actually feel hunger compared to tastebuds sometime back. I have the confidence that it is not long before i can run a couple of kilometers and still put a nightout to work on some case.

If someone asks me “why are you so HIGH today?”
I will now say “It is a strict reGYM, your HIGHness” 🙂


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