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Archive for January, 2006

SBI Life: Message that hits

Published on Jan 31, 2006 in advertising, banking

Incase you find it tough to read, the message is: There is no such thing as wrinkles. Only lines that tell an interesting story. Of a lifetime of love, laughter, loss, learning and squinting to read small print. It’s okay not to tell you grandkids stories of a life well lived, when you’re still too […]

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Misguided Enthusiasm?

Published on Jan 31, 2006 in Random

Yesterday I went to see the “Rang De Basanti” in Velocity. Everytime I go there I end up thinking about the youth in Indore. So, there I was watching the acclaimed performance by Aamir & co. There is quite a bit of appreciation of the movie from the audience with vigils and claps every now […]

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a lot of nothing

Published on Jan 26, 2006 in Random

yeah, thats right, i have been catching up with a lot of nothing. Been shamelessly and indulgently lazy for the last 6-7 days. My daily routine (if you can call it so) is, Wake up at 9, sleep again Finally wake up at 12:30, get ready to eat watch a couple of episodes of friends […]

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HIV/AIDS – Interactive Campaign

Published on Jan 21, 2006 in Random

Thanks to interactive web technologies like flash, advertisers and marketers now have a powerful medium to engage consumers and deliver clear and memorable messages. I am trying to find the tvc of the annoying ‘anti-marie bureau’ ad and landed up in magindia. Even though I couldnt find the ad I needed, I found this really […]

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Absolut Shift

Published on Jan 18, 2006 in Random

Looks like companies are bitten by the rebranding bug. First there was Intel changing its logo. Then there is Kodak following the suit. Now we hear one of the most famous campaigns of ad world, Absolut vodka – bottle campaign is being shelved. The absolut ads have always been one of my most favorite print […]

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Photographer and a lazy afternoon

Published on Jan 17, 2006 in Random


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Welcome to the miraculous world

Published on Jan 16, 2006 in Random

Last night while switching the channels I stopped quite sometime at the TVC/Tele-shopping infomercials in some channels. I thought to myself, why not do some research on this type of marketing. The result is this post. What is tele-shopping all about?In the words of Mehesh Panna, a country manager at TeleBrands, “The basic concept of […]

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<50 left …

Published on Jan 16, 2006 in Random

The mood isnt clearly upbeat, with less than 50 of those beautiful sunsets left for me before I graduate and move to the next step in life. Cherishing every moment. 🙂

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Happy Sankranthi

Published on Jan 13, 2006 in Random

To all the readers of PHD

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My date with a mall

Published on Jan 10, 2006 in Random

My date with a mall Indorians suddenly found a new hobby, “mall hopping”, thanks largely to the new mall ‘Treasure Island’. After hearing rave reviews from several of my classmates I went there a couple of days back, my experiences… Park here, not there:Since the mall has very limited capacity of 2/4 wheelers parking, we […]

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Innovative New year calendar from Kotak

Published on Jan 9, 2006 in Random

Check out this pocket calendar released by Kotak Life Insurance. Its simple and effective. Remember those trick watches we used to play with when we were kids that have only 2 times and when you tilt the watch you get to see the other time. The calendar is based on that funda shows “bulls you […]

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Brands, Stop assuming customers are dumb!

Published on Jan 6, 2006 in Random

There are brands, and then there are brands, which make us look like the dumbest asses possible. The case in point – MTR foods Their latest television ads about MTR Upma make you feel like you have the IQ of a paper napkin. One of the ads go like this. There will be a bunch […]

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How Much Pointy Haired are you?

Published on Jan 5, 2006 in Random

Take the dilbert quiz I have been toying with the idea of making a quiz like this for quite sometime, finally did it.

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10 things that I cherish about 2005

Published on Jan 3, 2006 in Random

Let me warn you, this is not a tag post. Now that you are relaxing let me take you through some of the most memorable things about 2005. The year started with a weeklong wonderful time spent with my fiancee. Its one of the best vacations we ever had. I got my Canon A75 Powershot. […]

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CAT 2005 Results

Published on Jan 2, 2006 in Random

All the best to everyone waiting for the CAT 2005 Results Links for 2006-08 GD/PI Shortlists[IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM I, IIM K, IIM L] My earlier post on GD/PI preparation.

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