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PHD’s regular blah #3

Published on Dec 4, 2006 in Random

“Hold on, hold on” the conductor shouted, “Nimmakuru yevarandi?” (who will be getting down at Nimmakuru?), he banged the door with the punching tool in his hand. The red bus came to a halt and we got down. I was clutching my granny’s hand tightly. She put her hand around my shoulder, I could hear […]

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Farewell Party and the deadly hangover

Published on Feb 25, 2006 in Random

I just came out from the hangover of our farewell party (it happened day before yesterday).[Read the welcome party post] It started with a formal dinner hosted at Mashal. After the initial rounds of beer, kebabs, food and excessive consumption of vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce (stop cribbing, I am passionate about food :D) We […]

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20 years: longest time to make another brick?

Published on Feb 12, 2006 in Random

This week the world is going to change. I am officially going to be out of classroom learning mode by this thursday. It took me, 1 internship 1 degree 2 diplomas 6 schools/colleges 15 years of hostel stay 16 different hostel rooms 18 different classrooms 20 years of back bench napping 60+ teachers 1000+ exams […]

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Purnography – offroad style!

Published on Jul 2, 2005 in Random

Bored of doing relentless browsing and creating a new template for Linkyard (which incidentally came out decently. Do check) I thought of taking some photos of the fields on the hillock. Anoop said he is ready to accompany me in this timepass venture. So there we are walking down the fields. As we go further […]

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Purnography – Still worshipping the beauty

Published on Jun 28, 2005 in Random

Sorry folks, got nothing new to shoot. So some more of my hostel, balcony, hillock and the incessant rains. My hostel block seen in day time as well as night time. Notice the orange color in the night version. Thanks to the incessant drizzle last night. Sky looked beautiful. Flood light in the drizzle | […]

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atTAG of the clones!

Published on Jun 20, 2005 in Random

Well, It seems that the blogging community is infected by the tag virus oflate. The result of book meme tag virus is simple. A cross section of blogs look similar with posts on the same theme and thus ruining the purpose of blogging, that is, I believe expressing ones own views. But since its a […]

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Purnography – in the night

Published on Jun 18, 2005 in Random

Last night I was experimenting with my doll and decided to learn night photography (not that I am an expert in day photography :D). So there I was roaming in the hostel corridor at 3:30 in the night to capture a nice long exposure shot. I have caught this and tried to capture it my […]

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Published on May 3, 2005 in Random

, and that was not a spelling mistake. Lets get to the story without introductions. 😀 For the first time in ages I woke up at 5am yesterday. By 6:30, i am lugging 2 bags and a cover out of the hostel towards the grant road station. Thankfully I found an empty local to borivali […]

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Purnography – 3

Published on Apr 21, 2005 in Random

or an ode to Wilson’s and its surroundings…. some of the photos i have clicked yesterday. pretty much wilsonized and rest of them are on the road touching the hostel. An experiment with the carridors What make the hostel so cool place to be even in the summer? certainly this. In and out of the […]

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Chowpatti beach

Published on Apr 14, 2005 in Random

Of all things i frequent in this coastal city, chowpatti scores a notch above everyone else. For one the beach is near by and spacious. After getting used to the ultra-space-conservative bombaite apartments, hostels, loos, offices, hotels and dresses of babes at the end of the day a beach with lots of space between me […]

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Published on Apr 11, 2005 in Random

As promised, i am here for updates after the end of a long day @ work. Its good so far. Not much load and somethings to learn. Office timings are 9 to n. The place is also very near from my hostel room. minimum charge by bus. More than the work I must tell about […]

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From Bombay

Published on Apr 10, 2005 in Random

Came to Bombay today morning. Had a wonderful journey. Managed to utilize most of the time by doing masala, sleep and dinner. It was my first time in AC class of trains. Had good fun exploiting the facilities. Somehow managed to lug my baggage out of central station in the morning. Damn, it sure is […]

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In retrospect: 3rd Block Rocks

Published on Mar 17, 2005 in Random

Welcome to the first one of the “in retrospect” series. I will write about my past experiences, the places and the people in this series of posts. The posts wont come one after another so dont rush to your time machine. Instead they will come as and when i am free and there is no […]

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Presented Propaganda and Other Stories

Published on Mar 13, 2005 in Random

One after another, they all came just after us. When Anoop (my groupmate) told me to wear formals to the class since we have a presentation to make, little did I imagined what the situation would be. After first two presentations it became clear that staying awake throughout 19 presentations each of them lasting for […]

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T4 – Treak To Table Top

Published on Mar 6, 2005 in Random

It was a thought that some of us are having for quite sometime. Blame it on my laziness, but I never managed to do it till today. Suddenly at lunch I asked standard deviation (shiv dewan) and hairy (nirmal) whether they are interested in a trek to a hill near by our campus which we […]

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