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T4 – Treak To Table Top

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It was a thought that some of us are having for quite sometime. Blame it on my laziness, but I never managed to do it till today. Suddenly at lunch I asked standard deviation (shiv dewan) and hairy (nirmal) whether they are interested in a trek to a hill near by our campus which we all call table top for its shape. They said “aye”. SD sent a mail to the pgp1 and soon 2 more people volunteered. I pulled in GOVAR for we both wanted to do this for quite sometime.

Table top from my hostel terrace

There we are 6 of us in the D-block garage at 2:35pm. SD, Hairy, Govar, Apna(Prakash), Angshu and myself. Among us we have 3 bikes. We kick started at 2:40 and reached a place on the national highway by 2:50.

Photo1: Govar, Angshu on Bike 1, Hairy and myself on Bike2, Photo2: Myself and Hairy

Photo1: Dewan, Apna on Bike1, Govar, Angshu on bike2, Photo2: Same set, closer look

From this point there is no proper road. We have to ride our bikes on this bumpy road.

Bumpy Ride

After what looked like a path_finderesque ride on mars we reached a quarry construction site. Sun in full blaze at that time. And the base of hill is some 4 kilometers away from this place. We have parked our bikes there. I negotiated an agreement with local Hindi speaker using my Hindi skills for looking after our bikes. We started walking or rather hiking from this place. At this moment we received a shocking revelation from hairy. The batteries are out. That means we cant take any more photos.

After the long hike through fields, grass, bushes, mole hills we reached the base of hill at about 4:00 pm. After a short break we started scaling the table top. The hill in fact is as smooth as it looks from our hostel terrace. It took us approximately 40 mins to reach the top. Actual scaling was smooth since there were not many bushes. But thanks to my track pants. It has attracted lot of thorns. On our way to top, I sat at one place without noticing what is down there. The place is full of grass and small thorns. They all poked into my track pants and started paining my a$$. The first thing I have done after reaching the top is to remove my pants and dust them. It sure is an experience getting undressed (partially) on a hill top when I am with 5 other guys :D.

Another interesting thing we have noticed is there was a small temple (it was made recently and doesnt actually look like a temple. How I wish we had the charge in the batteries) on the hill. There was a small pond too. Ofcourse it is dry :D.

The trek down was rather difficult. Angshu’s shoes doesnt have grip and he started loosing his grip here and there. Finally when we are at the base of the hill it was 5:00. We took a wrong way to construction site and bumped upon some wheat farmers who were kind enough to show us the right way to our bikes.

Upon reaching the construction site there is a surprise waiting for us. We have seen a peacock at that place. God knows how it landed up there. It looked so beautiful and we again blasted hairy for not taking care about batteries.

It was 5:40 when we started our bikes. By 6:00 we are in the mess stuffing ourselves with pizza and maaza.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I had good time plucking the thorns out of my undergarments 😀



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