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PG on TV

Published on May 11, 2005 in Random

Great news. PG (Allwin Agnel, the owner of India’s Biggest B-School Discussion Forum) is interviewd by CNBC TV18 for thier Young turks programme. Check it out tomorrow at 10:30. Rock on PG!

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1/2 and how?

Published on Apr 9, 2005 in Random

Just 20 hours ago i have completed one year at this wonderful place. It feels good and damn it, it feels fast. I am leaving the campus in another 3 hours. Packing madhu. Will be missing the 24 hour internet and night canteens and all the fun for 2 months. But again, summers should be […]

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3 Things

Published on Apr 2, 2005 in Random

– Fin endterm exam tomorrow– I got my cam today. Will post about it tomorrow– Someone tell me why the hell I havent started preparation for the exam. Its 1:50 in the morning….

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Convocation Today

Published on Mar 21, 2005 in Random

Our seniors are going to have their convo today. This will be the first convo that i am going to attend. The feeling makes it special. Will post the photographs and other details here by 8 in the evening 🙂 Oh, yeah, last night had one of those “sound smoke smirnoff shake” parties. Awesome show […]

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Published on Mar 15, 2005 in Random

Am suffering from cold, headache, throat pain and classes. Had to bunk todays lectures because of this. Seriously I think I had enough this year. I am just hoping that next 20 days pass smoothly so that i can go to summers and enjoy in a different place. Well, some of the above opinions might […]

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T4 – Treak To Table Top

Published on Mar 6, 2005 in Random

It was a thought that some of us are having for quite sometime. Blame it on my laziness, but I never managed to do it till today. Suddenly at lunch I asked standard deviation (shiv dewan) and hairy (nirmal) whether they are interested in a trek to a hill near by our campus which we […]

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Noteven a wink

Published on Mar 3, 2005 in Random

Last night was another noteven a wink night. Was up working the whole night like a dog on a couple of submissions. Now cant wait anymore to hit the sack. Oh, btw, got a meeting at 5:30, that leaves 3.5*60*60 winks of sleep …. Zzzzzzzzzzzz….

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Escape to Reality – Part III

Published on Dec 4, 2004 in Random

Read the Part I here | Read the Part II here 5:30we have started back to the place called as IIM Indore. This time due to dumb luck i got a seat in the qualis where all the hard core tams are there. I was sitting in the middle of the middle seat. You can […]

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grades, links, threads and deadlines

Published on Nov 30, 2004 in Random

grades Midterm grades have started coming. Out of the 5 mids we had already 3 results have been announced. First was the BTO with a B+. overall, this term i finished the course with a B grade. Then came the FIN result. I got 60 out of 100. Since the prof. hasnt completed the evaluation […]

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150 days of Blogging and B School Life

Published on Nov 27, 2004 in Random

Sometime this week i have completed both of them. and sitting in my room on a saturday night when there is no party, not enough movies to watch and more importantly the fact that tomorrow is a holiday has prompted me to write about this. This post tries to present a raw soul searching and […]

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are you doing BLOWJOB???

Published on Nov 24, 2004 in Random

Gosh!, you must be thinking that finally I started writing something interesting (???). Well, it very well is interesting. Just that it is not in the horizontal plane in which you are thinking it is.Without any further titles and other irrelevant stuff lets get to the ‘job’ in hand. BLOW in the blowjob stands for […]

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Published on Nov 22, 2004 in Random

midterms of both FIN and OM are today. last 2 days was major fight with classes and preparation. Dunno how well i am prepared. looks like i am in for a bad day today :d. in any case pray for me. 🙂 ~C~

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4Ls – Link, Laughter, Lazyness, Losses

Published on Nov 17, 2004 in Random

Link found this greatlink written by JAM mag founder. Go through, and i bet you would also be tempted to add it to your fav. links. Laughter seen Hera Pheri last night. Awesome movie. Was lughing like hell throught out the movie. The mere thought of Baburao (Paresh Rawal) saying “Yeh Kabeera Speaking bahut achha […]

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bullCheat, bto and gut feelings

Published on Nov 15, 2004 in Random

bullCheat well, that is not the soundex for bullshit. bullCheat is our (mehra & myself) team name in the ongoing stock market game in our campus. the game simulates the stock market by taking real time closing prices of 30 shares in bse sensex everyday. we can trade for the day at these fixed prices […]

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Random Thoughts

Published on Nov 9, 2004 in Random

Few things that came to mind, few thing that i have been doing in the last few days …. – playing baddy is fun. i am playing it everyday for 20-40 mins. it is consuming the excess calories in my body. – thinking about my dust bin, the scrap in it there for some 25 […]

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