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Sunstroke and other things

Published on May 4, 2006 in Random

I went to Vizag for a weekend break and it turnout to be rather disasterous as I got sunstoke. I had to spend a day in hospital and another 2 in relatives home to recover partially. Came back to hyderabad yesterday, but still recovering from the deadly stroke. It has been a nightmarish experience with […]

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in Campus

Published on Apr 1, 2006 in Random

right now i am in campus for convo. It feels good to be back in c-320, walking in the carridors, partying till late night etc. At the same time the offer letter on my desk (which btw arrived a couple of days back) reminds me that life from now on is going to different. will […]

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12 days… :(

Published on Feb 19, 2006 in Random

Schedule for the last 12 days… – 19th – Lateral placements batch party– 20th – 24th – end term exams– 23rd – farewell party– 25th – march 1st – placement week– march 2nd – another huge party– march 3rd – adios… :(( If there is anything done to reduce the pain of leaving this place […]

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9 sureshot ways to kill your audience using powerpoint

Published on Feb 7, 2006 in Random

Lately I have been attending campus pre-placement talks by various leading companies in India. It would suffice to say that I have attended over half-a-hundred presentations of companies “trying to sell themselves” to us. Some of them were really good, and then some of them are so pathetic that it made me feel sorry about […]

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A new press to publish PHD Blog!!!

Published on Feb 3, 2006 in Random

FLASH *** FLASH *** FLASH A sting operation by our highly inquisitive and talented team in Hanuman Tekri revealed that the famous B-school blog (:P) Pointy Haired Dilbert may be published from a new press in the days to come. Various cms/blogging software companies are believed to have approached the author in the hopes of […]

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Published on Dec 12, 2005 in Random

Aah, back in campus, nothing new to report as of now. The world is still round, weather is still frigging cold, Sachin is still scoring centuries and people are still fighting over oil and food. My trains both onward and return were delayed as usual and train stations aren’t getting any better. Taxi/auto wallas still […]

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Published on Oct 9, 2005 in Random

The season begins with a bang! I am not referring to tollywood movie season with a big hit, but to the b-school festival season. Our team participated in MDI Gurgaon’s management festival called as Imperium. We won the first prize in a marketing event called MarkeThink. In fact we clean swept the event with another […]

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Leh Trip – Part 3

Published on Aug 26, 2005 in Random

We were ready with our cameras and sweaters by 6:30 in the morning and very enthusiastic about boating in Dal lake. Some general info on the lake for the lesser mortals. Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of India and the second largest in the J&K state. Its three sides are surrounded […]

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Who can teach you to be passionate?

Published on Jul 31, 2005 in b-school, ideas

I have seen several tens of teachers so far in my life. I rarely remember what they taught me in the class. All the formulae, all the theorems, all the circuits, all the models and all the frameworks… everything is forgotten. Whatever I am learning now, I am 100% sure that I will forget this […]

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Wanted to blog…

Published on Jul 31, 2005 in Random

I wanted to blog on the following topics but couldn’t find much time to do so… – A wonderful prof. and an experience called attending his class– Rains in campus– My photographic experiments– More on Ladakh trip– Passion & commitments Shout to myself: stop cribbing about lack of time and start using it in better […]

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Water Fight Ver. 2.1

Published on Jul 18, 2005 in Random

[Read Waterfight 1.1 here :D] I read an article long before coming here, when I was a kid and practicing 8th class mathematics and elementary grammar to crack an exam named after an animal. The article is written by a b-school student. One line in the article surprised me alot. It goes like this,“B-school education […]

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They are back

Published on Jul 13, 2005 in Random

and it feels mighty good that they are back. The rush to finish them off, the endless nights and the canteen owner laughing all the way to bank. They are back. The pain in the hands and in the minds, and the cruel smiles of the people who design them. They are back. The chase […]

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Why is selling soaps over-hyped?

Published on Jul 6, 2005 in Random

Its a common trend in almost all b-schools in the country during the second year. People talk about this more than anything including marriage, junior babes and CPs. Suddenly we can see a change in the orientation of us. Its placements. Well, even I have a story to tell. For the last God-only-know-how-many-times I was […]

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Come again?

Published on Jul 3, 2005 in Random

Well, this is not an unseen sight in most of the business schools. In search of something more than the obvious facts most of us end up speaking gibberish clad, verbose rant when someone asks simple questions like ‘when is the class?’. Majorly this happens because everyone tries to be intellectual and superior by displaying […]

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Its raining baby…

Published on Jun 17, 2005 in Random

This place becomes a visual treat when it rains. Since campus is located on a hillock and surrounded by a plateau I can see miles in any direction when I am on a terrace. It looks amazingly beautiful during the rainy season. Weather becomes so pleasent that you feel like bunking classes and sleeping in […]

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