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Archive for September, 2004


Published on Sep 25, 2004 in Random

Dont be confused about the confusing title. Actually it stands for Movies, Masti and Food.. Yummm!!! That is what i am doing in my vacn. Had a rollicking 3 days in vizag with 2 movies and 3 great lunches. Then went to machilipatnam to spend another 4 days with my parents. It was another world. […]

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And the proverbial Nail in the coffin…

Published on Sep 15, 2004 in Random

Somedays, life seems highly miserable and hopeless. Well, not for cribbing but for the fun part of the life under thousand tonnes of pressure read on. Start the day at 12:00 by reading some come-dicks accounting case and trying to learn and appreciate their taxation policies and lease mechanisms, not to mention about the amortization […]

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Published on Sep 14, 2004 in Random

Thats the general feeling of PGP1 on the hill. Todays paper was a major fart with so much of globing. I started understanding why many people hate HR. Tomorrow accounting and qt are there. Hope they go peacefully. Otherwise, there is nothing much happening here. See you after the exhams. Chandoo Current Y! status says: […]

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Superb Tail Piece

Published on Sep 13, 2004 in Random

Today we had our last session for the term 1. And man, it was really a great way to end the term. The session is of BTO ( Behaviors and Theories of Organizations ). This is what that has happened in the class. – First we (today both sections had the class together in audi […]

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Janmastami and other good things are here !!!

Published on Sep 8, 2004 in Random

We had a great night last night :D. Cul-com planned the Janmastami celebrations by conducting puja in one of the common rooms. After puja, we had jamuns. The fun started when the mutki-phod started. Man, you got to be there to believe what I am talking. It was awesome fun. overall, 4 mutkis were floated. […]

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So, What is happening???

Published on Sep 4, 2004 in Random

Long time, Almost a week. Or is it more than that. Frankly, there is no one reason why i am not able to write anything here. as mentioned earlier, september 1 has been the favourite deadline for several course instructors. Result is that most of us are busy fine tuning their Just-In-Time skills 😛 well, […]

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Subject-ed Humor

Published on Sep 1, 2004 in Random

Oflate, HBW – a HR course seems to be getting humorous. have a look. – Written in text book. “A number of years back, I asked an executive to tell me what he thought organizational culture meant. He gave me essentially the same answer that a Supreme Court Justice once gave in attempting to define […]

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