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Janmastami and other good things are here !!!

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We had a great night last night :D. Cul-com planned the Janmastami

celebrations by conducting puja in one of the common rooms. After puja, we

had jamuns. The fun started when the mutki-phod started. Man, you got to be

there to believe what I am talking. It was awesome fun. overall, 4 mutkis

were floated. Some 100 crazy bodies in the place clamoring joining the

phod-team. Finally, the pyramids have formed. shoulders pained. water

poured. dresses torn. mud sprang. pyramids collapsed. more strategy meets in

the mud. again the pyramids formed. more water, more bhajans from the

speakers. pujaDJ – icy-chirag started encouraging the crowd. layer 2 was

successful. and there he is, randeri on the top of the pyramid. somebody

gave him the stone to phod the mutki. and his hand moved violently to hit

the divine pot. and the milk sprinkled. Awesome fun. A really good show of

team spirit by both of the sections.

See the pics.

Team at work


Lord Krishna

an exuberant goyal and ketan after phod

finally the accounts paper did came. After all the dirty scores in HBW and

BTO, it came as a relief. This also means, I need not study for end term.

This score can see me through the accounts for the term 😀

End terms are here. in another 6 days time we will be writing them. And 8

days, I will running downhill. Mere thought of leaving this place is making

me day-dream about all the things I can do in my home.

Last night was a major fight. There were 2 dead lines today. Apart from that

some readings to do. But most of the time I was playing around and finally

when I slept it was 5:45. some 150 mins of non-stop winking and here I am

typing the blog. I hope there is no quiz this afternoon. I need to sleep


That is all. Catch you sometime later.

Current Y! status says: Good Morning World !!!

the above post is written on 8th sept, but due to this, it is delayed.


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3 Responses to “Janmastami and other good things are here !!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chandoo, Jam here,

    I thought i was the only facing a problem posting, but good to hear that all of us were sailing on the same ship, travelling on the same train, riding on the same bike, etc, etc,

    As can be gauged from my non-sense of humor, i m in desperate need of sleep......zzzzzzzzzz

  2. Govar says:

    d00d, photos not accessible. I thought of using them. 😉

  3. Chandoo says:

    done. thanks for pointing 😀

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