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Oflate, HBW – a HR course seems to be getting humorous. have a look.

– Written in text book. “A number of years back, I asked an executive to tell me what he thought organizational culture meant. He gave me essentially the same answer that a Supreme Court Justice once gave in attempting to define pornography !!!, I can’t define it, but i know it when i see it. !!!

– Some desperate CP in class and prof.’s reactions to it.

HBW Prof: How can we manage frustration?

DCP King: Sir, If nothing else works, the person can get married ?!?!?

HBW Prof: That will lead to Depression.

Entire class: Thumps on the desks and laughs happily.

That is all. Otherwise, saying that i am busy with several things would be cliched. Instead try to understand that, even a blog needs a break 😀

Infact, i shall come up with a blog as soon as i am free on a monday night. Ok, ok, i know that, it can never happen. But, this friday seems to be promising. Lets see if i can write. 😀

Chalo den.

Current Y! status says: Road Rash…


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