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  • Hui Can you please respond to my query? its about the mail merge. you had offered to help someone with a similar issue a couple of years back but he never sent you the file.
    Hi Hui,

    Let me just explain this way then:

    Reference is a "Name" changes in real time based on a List selection. I get an error in this. Any help is appreciated as this little urgent.

    I m Ayyappan, I know the basic Mail Merge but I want to do mail merge with multiple row data for example:
    Name Date of Absent Day
    Mr. A 02-03-2016 Half Day
    Mr. A 03-03-2016 Full Day
    Mr. B 02-03-2016 Half Day
    Mr. B 02-03-2016 Full Day
    Mr. B 02-03-2016 Full Day
    Mr. B 02-03-2016 Half Day
    Need help to get
    1.total of Join qty agst name of product in summary sheet from sheet 2
    2.same as 1no of talal left qty
    4.Batch code = which qty is available ( like in join sheet product A joining on dt 1feb-5,2feb-05,3feb-10 of differ batch code S1 ,S2,S3
    then its left on dt 02feb -3,4feb -3,1feb-3 of batch code S1,S1,S2)
    Batch code S2 & S3 should be shwng in Batch
    I'm new to this site and I'm having a problem posting. When I post, I get an Error message and to try later. I'm trying to connect with someone for help. Can you help me with this issue
    Hi Hui, I have emailed Chandoo, but I know he is a busy person ,,,, I purchased the Excel Wedding Planner file back in 2011 and my daughter announced a month or so ago that she is planning to get married next year, so I thought about using the wedding planner file, but cannot find it ( I think it's on an old corrupt laptop ), is there anyway I can purchase another copy of the full version that you know of? Thanks
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    Hello Hui Sir, Please change / rename my profile name to "AK" only. In all previous & future post my name as "AK". This show every where in chandoo.org site. Thanks.
    Hello, I am new here and wondered if you might be able to advise me on something "charting" related. I have already discovered the vast "trending" sections which I intend to investigate more thoroughly, but I thought I might pick your brain first to see if that is indeed the route I should even be going. Any help is appreciated.

    Hui, can you please change my settings so my posts don't require approval? As a moderator on other forums and fellow MVP I think you can trust me to behave.
    Is there a way to send you a Private message with a good explanation? I know you can help but I can not afford the lottery commission to know what I am doing. Narayan has copies of my work and is beginning to understand and I do not mind if yall correspond as he knows Excel a whole lot better than I and so do you. I really appreciate all your help and I know my stuff is difficult for me to explain my apologies
    Dear Hui Sir, Apologies for disturbing you on the post even after your request, I need help on the scroll bar chart, please help me, we need to send the presentation as soon as possible.
    sorry for pushing you on this.
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    • Reason: Feedback received from Hui
    • Deleted by Hui
    Hello Sir , i have posted one question. Can you please help me out. It is realted to creating the dynamic vertical line with excel macro whenever i click mouse or any shotrcut key.
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