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Feb 20, 2019 at 8:30 PM
Jul 27, 2009
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Jan 13, 1963 (Age: 56)
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Perth, Western Australia
Consultant Mining Engineer

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Excel Ninja, Male, 56, from Perth, Western Australia

Staff Member

Please ask questions at the Forums not to me via email or posts here May 21, 2014

Hui was last seen:
Feb 20, 2019 at 8:30 PM
    1. Ashhu
      I need small info Hui,
      I have modified "To Do list" from this forum to suit my requirement with VB interface. (http://chandoo.org/wp/2013/01/07/todo-list-with-priorities/).
      Its helping me lot to maintain daily track. I hope this may help other members too.
      I want to ask you, how to post this update template in Forum so other can take benefit.
    2. RSidhu
      Hui Can you please respond to my query? its about the mail merge. you had offered to help someone with a similar issue a couple of years back but he never sent you the file.
    3. Arun R
      Arun R
      Hi Hui,

      Let me just explain this way then:

      Reference is a "Name" changes in real time based on a List selection. I get an error in this. Any help is appreciated as this little urgent.

    4. asayyappan
      I m Ayyappan, I know the basic Mail Merge but I want to do mail merge with multiple row data for example:
      Name Date of Absent Day
      Mr. A 02-03-2016 Half Day
      Mr. A 03-03-2016 Full Day
      Mr. B 02-03-2016 Half Day
      Mr. B 02-03-2016 Full Day
      Mr. B 02-03-2016 Full Day
      Mr. B 02-03-2016 Half Day
    5. Harishankar
      Need help to get
      1.total of Join qty agst name of product in summary sheet from sheet 2
      2.same as 1no of talal left qty
      4.Batch code = which qty is available ( like in join sheet product A joining on dt 1feb-5,2feb-05,3feb-10 of differ batch code S1 ,S2,S3
      then its left on dt 02feb -3,4feb -3,1feb-3 of batch code S1,S1,S2)
      Batch code S2 & S3 should be shwng in Batch
    6. El Jefe 7878
      El Jefe 7878
      I'm new to this site and I'm having a problem posting. When I post, I get an Error message and to try later. I'm trying to connect with someone for help. Can you help me with this issue
    7. wrybel
    8. Eloise T
      Eloise T
      Hui, What does the following mean?

      Robots connected: 25 (currently)
    9. Busymanjohn
      Hi Hui, I have emailed Chandoo, but I know he is a busy person ,,,, I purchased the Excel Wedding Planner file back in 2011 and my daughter announced a month or so ago that she is planning to get married next year, so I thought about using the wedding planner file, but cannot find it ( I think it's on an old corrupt laptop ), is there anyway I can purchase another copy of the full version that you know of? Thanks
    10. deepakbathla
      Sir, Could you check my problem?
    11. AVK
      Hello Hui Sir, Please change / rename my profile name to "AK" only. In all previous & future post my name as "AK". This show every where in chandoo.org site. Thanks.
    12. Misteromar
      Hello, I am new here and wondered if you might be able to advise me on something "charting" related. I have already discovered the vast "trending" sections which I intend to investigate more thoroughly, but I thought I might pick your brain first to see if that is indeed the route I should even be going. Any help is appreciated.

    13. teylyn
      Hui, can you please change my settings so my posts don't require approval? As a moderator on other forums and fellow MVP I think you can trust me to behave.
    14. Jack-P-Winner
      Is there a way to send you a Private message with a good explanation? I know you can help but I can not afford the lottery commission to know what I am doing. Narayan has copies of my work and is beginning to understand and I do not mind if yall correspond as he knows Excel a whole lot better than I and so do you. I really appreciate all your help and I know my stuff is difficult for me to explain my apologies
    15. Manoj Singh
      Manoj Singh
      hi hui pls help me to improve my excel skills... can u send me some data file where i can implement formulas..

      Manoj Singh
      1. Pratik Parmar likes this.
    16. Thomas Kuriakose
      Thomas Kuriakose
      Dear Hui Sir, again apologies for requesting on post, kindly help me with the Interactive dynamic chart. I am pressured to give this at my office.
      thank you so much.
      with regards,thomas
      1. Pratik Parmar likes this.
    17. Thomas Kuriakose
      Thomas Kuriakose
      Dear Hui Sir, Apologies for disturbing you on the post even after your request, I need help on the scroll bar chart, please help me, we need to send the presentation as soon as possible.
      sorry for pushing you on this.
    18. Sam Mathai Chacko
      Sam Mathai Chacko
    19. rajkenya1
      1. Hui
        Yes I see all posts
        Feb 25, 2015
    20. Manan
      Oh!! Sorry .Read ur post after posting.. Sorry for directly asking.
    21. Manan
      Hello Sir , i have posted one question. Can you please help me out. It is realted to creating the dynamic vertical line with excel macro whenever i click mouse or any shotrcut key.
    22. akinkaraman
    23. hossam sadek
      hossam sadek
      1. Hui
        Feb 14, 2015
    24. gaurav99
    25. akinkaraman
      Thanks for your explanations.. Very appreciated..
      1. Hui likes this.
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    Jan 13, 1963 (Age: 56)
    Home page:
    Perth, Western Australia
    Consultant Mining Engineer
    Hi. My name is Ian Huitson but everyone calls me Hui


    I work as a Consulting Mining Engineer in Australia.
    I have a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Mining) from the Ballarat College of Advanced Education in Australia.
    I am passionate about scheduling and budgeting, simulation and mathematics but more importantly is their application to real world problems.

    I have been using spreadsheets since Visicalc and have used Lotus 123, Open Access, Quatro Pro, 20/20 and Excel.
    I was awarded a Microsoft MVP (Excel) Award in October 2013 for my contributions to the Excel community. I should add that these contributions are mostly here at Chandoo.org and at Excel Hero. The MVP award was renewed in both 2014 and 2015.

    You can read more about me here: http://chandoo.org/wp/about-hui/