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The new Mac vs. PC web ad by Apple is really cool

Published on Nov 19, 2008 in advertising, technology
The new Mac vs. PC web ad by Apple is really cool

Did you checkout the new web based Mac vs. PC ads Apple is running on the CNN.com? They are totally cool. why? because, in that ad, the PC guy walks from one ad-block to another creating wow user experience for whoever seeing the ad. Here is a small animation I have created out of it […]

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Is this Google adsense ad misleading?

Published on Aug 15, 2008 in advertising, wonder why

While surfing some of my regular reads on the google reader, I saw this feed ad from google adsense. The ad looks like a text ad with scroll bars. I have never seen scroll bars on text ads by google, so out of curiosity I clicked on the scrollbar and dang, it launched me to […]

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Incredible hulk strikes IMDB – awesome online ad

Published on Jun 13, 2008 in advertising, ideas, media, technology

This is awesome, the new incredible hulk campaign on IMDB is nicely done, I have taken a few screen shots of it to post here, just in case they removed it (but go see it on IMDB to understand what I mean) This shows how to create incredible advertisements by integrating flash (rich media) with […]

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Another web advertising failure – shoppers stop

Published on Apr 29, 2008 in advertising, business, wonder why

Take a look at the above ad of Shoppers stop that is featured on rediff today. Clearly the ad agency hasn’t understood how web advertising works. Instead of designing a campaign that would engage users online, encourage them to click, read-up and sign-up or subscribe, they just choose to replicate a news paper ad’s jpg […]

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