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The new Mac vs. PC web ad by Apple is really cool

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Did you checkout the new web based Mac vs. PC ads Apple is running on the CNN.com? They are totally cool. why? because, in that ad, the PC guy walks from one ad-block to another creating wow user experience for whoever seeing the ad.

Here is a small animation I have created out of it – just so that you get a feel of what I am talking.


But if you get a change check them out at CNN.com while they are running.

I think this is a new leap in the way online ads are made as the tradition each block is a different ad concept goes out and reader can connect two things to get a complete picture. Very well executed Apple.

More creative web ads: incredible hulk strikes IMDb, Refreshing online ad from magicbricks.com


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3 Responses to “The new Mac vs. PC web ad by Apple is really cool”

  1. Sam Krysiak says:

    I see they're still using the smug liberal arts college drop-out (read: loser) to represent the Mac, with the highly-likeable John Hodgman (ironically a long-time Mac user, but at least he looks like he could use Excel without dumbly blinking at a circular reference) personifying the PC...

  2. Jon Peltier says:

    It's hard to imagine the advertising budgets that Apple and Microsoft have wasted on these dueling campaigns. Apple repeats bald lies about Windows, and Microsoft puts up, what, four second testimonials from real users? The money could have been spent actually improving both products.

  3. Chandoo says:

    @Sam: hmm.. I liked this ad for the creativity of apple in using 2 blocks to say the same message and connect them. I think both Mac and Windows are 2 exceptionally good products.

    @Jon: there is only so much improvement you can do to software before hitting mindbogglingly complicated interfaces or overly rounded hardware or some such thing... After all, they both need a way to convince the people that their products are superior without having to invest much.. :d

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