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Published on Nov 4, 2004 in Random

Knock, Knock …. Smirnoff Vodka (SV): Is it Chandoo? Chandoo (C): Yep. SV: Hi!!!, this is SV. I stay in a bottle. just like the software engineers who stay in cubes. For that matter cubes are my best friends. 😀 C: Hic!!!, So … SV: hmm.. So, wassup??? C: What is not??? SV: care to […]

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Its beeness as usual at I

Published on Nov 1, 2004 in Random

For a moment i thought Term2 is chill. Well, its chill. Just that its chill in the backbone. Today we had a Fin. Quiz at 3. After one hour of senseless page flipping i did the quiz not so badly. Well, then i thought i can sleep for a couple of hours. Alas, i was […]

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Mission Statement of Group 7

Published on Oct 31, 2004 in Random

Darn… you must be thinking that we are there. Well, cant really help having a mission statement for our project group when most of us are with global perspective. 😀 After much o’ deliberation, certain musharraff in the group came up with this long and awkward sentence which disables management from thinking clearly. We are […]

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Long time, no see

Published on Oct 21, 2004 in Random

Well, I agree that i havent posted a word for the last what …. days. Here goes a list of items i have done/doing in the last 16 days (not necessarily in the same order). Hope to blog more often 😛 – Seen ‘Hyderabad blues’ – Had 12 days of non-stop classes – had fin-1 […]

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Full Swing

Published on Jul 21, 2004 in Random

yes, everything is in full swing these days. we are having moderate pressures in the academic scene. But, to offset that, lots of competitions are coming up. To give you a feel of what is ahead of me as of now, – Marketer of the Month – Iris Online Website – Howzzat – Cricket Quiz […]

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Sexy Atmo

Published on Jul 16, 2004 in Random

Don’t be confused by what I have written in the title. All I am saying is about the atmosphere here. Not anything else. It started raining here. The hilltop penitentiary is getting all the more attractive these days. With all the breeze and drizzle one would kill to stayback in the room than toiling oneself in […]

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Jet, set and go

Published on Jul 4, 2004 in Random

Its all set to start from tomorrow. Officially our classes start from tomorrow 9:30 am ( for section a it is 9 am ). We have Microeconomics for Managers, Human Behaviour at Work and Quantitative Techniques 1 for tomorrows sessions. The session usually lasts for 70 mins. After each session we will get a 15 […]

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