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Well, this is not an unseen sight in most of the business schools. In search of something more than the obvious facts most of us end up speaking gibberish clad, verbose rant when someone asks simple questions like ‘when is the class?’. Majorly this happens because everyone tries to be intellectual and superior by displaying his/her own ‘points’ which are unique. But this post is not about globing as you would have expected. It is about the ‘strategy’.

Before coming to b-school I heard several people say ‘strategy’ is a ‘God’ level subject. If someone is a strategist it means he/she is too good. After spending an year among books and mess food now I know what do they mean by ‘God’ level subject. No one has ever seen a thing called strategy. Just like God.

Now you may want to ask, if strategy is so intangible what do you people talk when somebody asks about it. Well, not surprisingly, strategy courses receive most innovatively carved global responses to even innocuous factual enquiries and there is little exception to this rule across the world of management. So when I read about Coke India’s management shake up article today I was least surprised to see these lines. (oh, btw, the concept of strategic alignment of divisions within the organization is new, for I always thought they have no choice but to align and complement.)

The official said as part of the new structure, the division and bottling operations will have strategic complimentary roles.

“Bottling will focus on optimising bottling investments by building excellence in retail execution, front-end capability, logistics and efficiency,” the official added.

On the other hand, the division will focus on strategy, innovation, marketing, franchise bottlers and brand strengthening while managing other services, he added.

The Coca-Cola India official said the two structures would operate as “strategically-aligned partners” in the market with complimentary skills and a common aim to increase the company’s beverages business.

Via Sify News.


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