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D’oh – Visualizing Homer’s favorite sayings in Power BI

Published on Sep 29, 2017 in Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query
D’oh – Visualizing Homer’s favorite sayings in Power BI

Before we begin:

Today is the last day for enrolling in our Power BI Play Date. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn, use and benefit from Power BI at your work. Check out my online class and sign up before the doors close at midnight. Click here.

Let’s get our Simpsons on then.

D’oh, How often Homer says his favorite things?

Here is the visualization to explore Homer’s (and other character’s) favorite sayings in 27 years worth of Simpsons episode. Click on the image to play.

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Keep Calm and Power BI [Breathing Exercise Vizzes]

Published on Sep 27, 2017 in Power BI
Keep Calm and Power BI [Breathing Exercise Vizzes]

We are in the midst of my Power BI Play Date course launch. I have opened the enrollments for this program last week and there is a tremendous response to this program.  To celebrate the new course launch and show you the lighter side of it, let me share a few breathing exercises built in Power BI.

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Power BI Play Date is here. Come, join us for a play

Published on Sep 20, 2017 in Power BI

Hello friends,

It’s here. Power BI Play Date – our online training program is now ready for your consideration. Please take a few minutes to read this to know all about the program. If you are ready to join, click here.

Check out below show reel to see some of the reports you can create in our course. It is #AWESOME.

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VLOOKUP that fat table with ease [3 quick tips]

Published on Sep 18, 2017 in Learn Excel
VLOOKUP that fat table with ease [3 quick tips]

Time for some good, old fashioned VLOOKUP love. Let’s say you are writing VLOOKUP()s to get data from an unusually fat table, ie one with heaps of columns. You want to get to lookup ID in first column and get thingamajig in what is that column number. Well, better get counting from 1 and after 19 seconds and lots of squinting you arrive at column number 53 – which has thingamajig. 

If this sounds like your VLOOKUP routine, check out these three amazingly simple tips to save some time and effort with your lookups.

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Epic Introduction to Power BI [video]

Published on Sep 13, 2017 in Power BI

Yay, finally our first ever full length Power BI tutorial is up. In this 30 minute video tutorial, learn how to get some data in to Power BI and make a quick report to understand it. We will be creating this.


Let’s get started then.

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Introducing Power BI Play Date online class [Details inside]

Published on Sep 7, 2017 in Power BI


I have an exciting news for you. After learning and playing with Power BI for more than a year, I would love to share all this awesomeness with you on a play date. Of course, you don’t have to pack your sleeping bag and tooth brush. You can join me on this play date from the comfort of your couch and PJs. Stoked? Read on.


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