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Introducing Power BI Play Date online class [Details inside]




I have an exciting news for you. After learning and playing with Power BI for more than a year, I would love to share all this awesomeness with you on a play date. Of course, you don’t have to pack your sleeping bag and tooth-brush. You can join me on this play date from the comfort of your couch and PJs. Stoked? Read on.


What is Power BI and why should you care?

Power BI is a software to collect, model, analyze, visualize and publish business data. Think of it as a powerful business intelligence engine built to work on PC, Web, Mobile or Tablet. You could create interactive, beautiful and insightful reports in just few minutes using Power BI. It works with almost any data source and opens up tremendous possibilities for your business or profession.

If you work with data and maxed out on what you could achieve with Excel, think of Power BI as next logical step.

What is this play date?

Working in Power BI feels like playing with your data. Hence the name – play date. This is an online class (should be about 8 hours long) that you can take from anywhere at anytime. In this program, you will learn how to play with Power BI to create awesome dashboards and insights. This course will be at level 200 to 300 for Power BI. While we do cover the basics, you will come out far ahead by the end of play date. Here is the plan for our play date.

  1. Before starting: Installation and stuff
  2. Quick play: getting hands dirty with Power BI
  3. Concept break: Understanding the terminology and power tools of trade
  4. Intense play one: gather, clean, model and visualize business data
  5. Intense play two: collect web data, combine with other sources and visualize
  6. Concept break: DAX the way, aha – a primer on DAX
  7. Intense play three: maps, graphs, interactivity and lots of data
  8. Closing thoughts

How much does it cost?

This is a paid program. The tuition for Power BI Play Date is US $299. You will get:

  • 9 hours of video training on Power BI with bonus materials on Power Query, DAX for Power Pivot
  • Online access to your play date videos, workbooks and bonus materials for 12 months
  • Download access to everything so you can grab them and watch / use anytime.

When is it opening?

The next batch of Play Date opens in 2nd week of February 2018

We will keep the registration window open for a few days. You can start watching the videos as soon as you finish purchase.

How to sign up?

Simple. Complete below registration. I will email you once we are ready to roll.

Click here if you can’t see the form.


I will be sharing course details in email and on blog soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments. Talk to you soon.

Thank you for your love and support to Chandoo.org. See you in our play date.


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7 Responses to “Introducing Power BI Play Date online class [Details inside]”

  1. leon-k says:

    Hello Chandoo,

    How does this course differ from your previous, 8 module POWER PIVOTS course? Will there also be any bonus material, such as DAX e-books. Will there be any R programming?

    Kind regards,

    • Chandoo says:

      Hi Leon... thanks for your love and support to Chandoo.org 🙂

      This course will focus on Power BI based analysis and visualization. We will use a bit of DAX to set up measures for the vizzes, but not as advanced as what you have learned in the Power Pivot class. If you are new or just used PBI often, you will find this useful.

      And of course, as an alumni, you get discount.

      • Leon-K says:

        Chandoo. Thanks for replying. I will be signing up. And, thanks for the notice of the discount. Please inform me of how I redeem it?

        Kindest regards,

  2. Roushiel says:

    Hi, Ive tried to sign up for Power BI play date however not receiving the link. Hope you can help. Thanks

  3. Nicola says:

    Hi Chandoo,

    Hope you are well! 🙂

    Looking forward to the Play Date... but have also not received the link to sign-up.

    Also, please advise how I can redeem my alumni discount.


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