Keep Calm and Power BI [Breathing Exercise Vizzes]


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We are in the midst of my Power BI Play Date course launch. I have opened the enrollments for this program last week and there is a tremendous response to this program.  To celebrate the new course launch and show you the lighter side of it, let me share a few breathing exercises built with Power BI.

Check out the below embedded visualization. In case you are reading this in email or on phone, click here. There are four visualizations (three breathing exercises and details about Power BI program).

How is this made?

Here is a brief explanation of this breathing exercise workbook. I will be adding a video about this on our YouTube channel tomorrow.

Generating Data:

We can use Power Query to create the necessary data for this.

  1. Start by making up a breathing sequence 0,1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1,0 using Power Query > Enter Data option. Play with different size of sequences to change the animation.
  2. Create another blank query and use List.Numbers(1,20) to generate 20 numbers.
  3. Add new columns – X, Y, Full and load them with 1, 1, 10 as values.
  4. Add breathing sequence as a new column and expand the table. Call this column as Fill.
  5. Add index number column and call it time.
  6. Remove the List.Numbers column
  7. Add another column, call it Gap and set it 5 – [Fill]
  8. Set data type whole number to all columns
  9. Close and apply this data set.

Creating breathing visualization

  1. Add XY chart
  2. Set X Y values
  3. Set Full as Legend
  4. Set “average Fill” as Size
  5. Set time as play axis
  6. Test the animation.
  7. Add a big circle in the background if needed.

Creating other visualizations

They are similar. Unfortunately, no other visualization supports play axis. So I have used Play Axis custom visualization from the store.

Keep calm and sign up for the play date

Our play date is going gang busters. We have more than 75 play mates in the classroom as of now. Enrollments for Power BI play date close this Friday (29th of September). So sign up now to gain awesome Power BI skills.

Click here for all details about Power BI Play Date.

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