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Archive for September, 2006

Coimbatore Bus Mafia and Adventure Trip to Ooty

Published on Sep 29, 2006 in Random

Heard of black tickets? Well you must have somany times. After Aamir Khan glorified selling black tickets big way in Rangeela, Chennai’s private bus operators couldnt help but pick up a trick or two of the trade. So there I am, unaware of the UCBTM (Undergroud Coimbatore Bus Transportation Mafia) cancerously proliferating and thriving in […]

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You Know …

Published on Sep 28, 2006 in Random

… That You Are Making Too Many Presentations When You Write A Blog Post Like This.

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Relationships & Banks

Published on Sep 27, 2006 in advertising, banking, personal finance

Banks and relationships are as old a pair as slice bread and butter knife. I can imagine my grand father getting shivers allover when he deposited bulk of his first salary in the bank wondering all he was left with was a stupid passbook with illegible numbers on it. The point is days have changed! […]

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Cameras: Most Popular vs. Most Clicked

Published on Sep 26, 2006 in Random

A couple of days I guess S.Anand has given this link to Flickr’s Top Digital cameras. The funda is simple. The site tells you what are Top camera models in Flickr based on the EXIF data available using some Flickr API. I was wondering if the same cameras are also most sought after by people. […]

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Dhud! Dhud! Dhud! Dhud!

Published on Sep 19, 2006 in Random

No prizes for guessing! I am going to buy Bajaj Avenger in another 2-3 weeks time. After so much debate on to car or not to car I have finally leaned to the right and choosen this bike. I wanted to buy this one ever since I have been to Leh/Ladakh [click to read the […]

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Google Life!

Published on Sep 13, 2006 in Random

Birth and Early Stages:> Look up for cool names in google> Post the newborn pics in orkut. Format them in Picasa. Share them with friends using Blogger School & College:> Use Gtalk to chat with friends. Bye bye bfone!> Goodbye to combined studies, welcome google groups.> Doubts about what is the latest ninth planet? may […]

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Porok, Call back Ads and Simple Joys of Life

Published on Sep 12, 2006 in Random

First up, Porok! MTV India has tied up with Microsoft XBOX and is welcoming xbox to India in style with “Porok”. [Read news items 1, 2] As they say in the Ad, “Porok might have been inspired from cocks, but inside we are all tigers”. Having seen a couple of XBOX ads, I am sure […]

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US Legal Firms, Infosys Employees and Online Advertising

Published on Sep 8, 2006 in Random

Today I ran a search in Del.icio.us for Infosys to get some information. What I saw in the results page is height of online anti-advertising. Generally you expect to see some ads related to the search tags. What you see here is on a different dimension altogether. When I clicked on the ad, it took […]

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Welcome to PHD!

Published on Sep 5, 2006 in Random

Its been 2 years since I have posted such a message. A recent look at my website statistics revealed that most of the visitors are first timers, and quite a few of them land here searching one of the “iim”, “indore”, “iim indore blog”, “iimi” or “chandoo iim”. So, let me take a moment and […]

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3 Steps to Create cool dashboards in excel

Published on Sep 5, 2006 in Analytics, Learn Excel

Dashboards are very common business monitoring tools, but creating them in excel with all the bells and whistles is not so easy. So here is a quick 1-2-3 on how to do it. Lets take a sample of 2 consecutive year sales figures for 7 regions. The colums have Region name, 2004-05, 2005-06 figures and […]

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R1C1 – Excel Here Launched

Published on Sep 4, 2006 in Random

My love for excel doesnt stop at the application. I thought starting an excel specific blog to share my excel knowledge and discuss it with other enthusiasts is a good idea. So R1C1 was born a couple of days back. Today I posted an article on creating unique lists in Excel there. Do check it […]

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How to Get Unique Items using Excel

Published on Sep 4, 2006 in Analytics, Learn Excel

I recently had to perform some analysis on a set of insurance companies in certain geography. After searching the net I found such list of companies operating in that continent. But the problem is, These companies are listed multiple times, one time for each of their geographical area of operation. I cannot count each company […]

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Importing blogger posts to wordpress

Published on Sep 3, 2006 in blogging

or chasing the mysical ithaca in the blogdom invain After installing wp on my blog for over 4-5 months, now I wanted to shift everything from blogger to here so that I can do fullstream blogging here. Well, it really isnt that easy porting my 370odd earlier posts here. Here is a list of all […]

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Shoot the guy in eyes, you could get some discout…

Published on Sep 1, 2006 in Random

Saw this brillliantly executed interactive ad for promotion of laser eye treatment sometime back. It looks pretty much similar to online gambling/casino/Vi@gr@ ads where they make you shoot a duck, ball or something else and when you finally shoot they will direct you to their website which promotes something or other. You shoot the glasses […]

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