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Importing blogger posts to wordpress

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or chasing the mysical ithaca in the blogdom invain

After installing wp on my blog for over 4-5 months, now I wanted to shift everything from blogger to here so that I can do fullstream blogging here. Well, it really isnt that easy porting my 370odd earlier posts here. Here is a list of all the options I have tried and hit roadblocks.

  1. Straight forward import feature of WP 2.0.4: After taking my login details for the blogger account it would freeze forever. I thought there must be something wrong, since google has integrated blogger with gmail. So I logged out of gmail and gtalk and tried again. This time, it would start the importing proces only to throw some meaningless and large error message. Finally had to give up and reset the importer for what is like 25 times.
  2. Converting Blog into one huge RSS and then importing it: Hmm, you wish it is easy to get an RSS for the entire blog, well it certainly isnt. After searching feedburner and someother stuff I had to stop thinking about this option.
  3. Installing WP/Apache/MySql/PHP on my machine: Apparantly, the easiest option is to install PHP server on your own machine and import the content there and then export the db to your webserver. Well, After lots of downloading and installations, I finally managed to get my existing db, wp folder up in my php-www folder. Well, my blog would display normally, but wp-admin pages wouldnt load. So, there again, I ended up cursing myself and aborting that route after fiddling with some php files with my zero knowledge.
  4. Manually Integrating the archives to the sidebar: This should be the easiest of all the options. Only if, I can figure out how to do this. But I guess, it should be easy to do it. Since, I have kept this as last option, I am yet to explore it fully. Will write again if I am resolving to use this.

But, let me tell you, I am not going to give up this. The reason: I love WP.


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