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Cameras: Most Popular vs. Most Clicked

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A couple of days I guess S.Anand has given this link to Flickr’s Top Digital cameras. The funda is simple. The site tells you what are Top camera models in Flickr based on the EXIF data available using some Flickr API.

I was wondering if the same cameras are also most sought after by people. So I went to Amazon and checked Most Popular digital cameras. I collected both the data yesterday (25/09/2006 evening).

Cameras: Most Clicked vs. Most Popular Then, I took the top 25 cameras in each list. After doing some cleaning up of the data, I was able to plot the camera ranks on 2 dimensions. First: Flickr’s Most Clicked and Second: Amazon popularity. Where-ever a camera is only in one list (either in Flickr’s Top list or Amazon’s popular list) the other rank was assigned a default value of 100. The graph is shown aside. As you can see only 8 cameras figureout in both the lists. The top camera (shortest distance from (0,0)) is Canon Powershot S2 IS. The other cameras in this list of 8 are:

3. Canon PowerShot A520 / 530
4. Canon PowerShot A620
5. Canon PowerShot S3 IS
6. Canon PowerShot SD550

Even if you discount duplication of “Canon EOS Digital Rebel” you would find that Canon rules the digital camera game. Also, there are no other brands other than Sony and Canon. Either all people buying panasonics, kodak and Nikons never post the pictures in Flickr or all the people with these cameras never thought they were popular. Whatever may be the case, I think buying one of those 8 cameras is good decision.

PS: The amazon data is updated hourly and Flickr Data is updated weekly. You may get different results if you do the same.


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  1. Durlov says:

    awesome way of looking at user generated market data to arrive at conclusions.. quite cool.

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