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Porok, Call back Ads and Simple Joys of Life

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First up, Porok!

MTV India has tied up with Microsoft XBOX and is welcoming xbox to India in style with “Porok”. [Read news items 1, 2] As they say in the Ad, “Porok might have been inspired from cocks, but inside we are all tigers”. Having seen a couple of XBOX ads, I am sure this one is equally mysterious and pure fun to watch. Sadly, I couldnt get video / clippings of the ad now. Will update the post if I can get hold of some pics by the evening. Access the video of Porok MTV India XBOX Ad.

Callback Ads

callback_adsI was just fiddling with my age old reliance phone. Talking of the phone, lately it has become unstable and humanlike, I couldnt predict its behaviour anymore. A couple of keys werent working either. The otherday in office, one my collegues asked me 3 times whether the phone was mine and then looked at it as if he is looking at Graham Bell’s first phone. But, thats for another post. So, back to the topic – Callback Ads.

The callback tunes are money trees for mobile companies. You set some ‘zara jhoom jhoom’ or ‘vasikaran‘ or ‘Kausalya Supraja Rama‘ depending on your taste and your callers are entertained. The mobile company would charge you some obscene amounts of money just to play some poor quality audio in the ears of your callers. I think, there can be a better business model than this. Why not play advertisements as callback tunes?

For one, it works similar to google adsense or something similar to that. See the schematic given aside. Customers can get paid instead of paying for playing music. Well, that is some confusing line there. But, the model is simple:

1) Ad-agencys and Mobile companys collaborate
2) There will be CPC (Cost per Call a la Cost per Click in adsense etc.) for each customer
3) The more calls a person the higher would be his CPC
4) The total pay out is calculated based on the no. of times ads are played * CPC
5) Customers get paid or get bill refunds or some discounts at the end of every month/year

Simple Joys of Life:

Few of my B Tech friends were in Chennai last weekend. Well, we relived the golden moments of graduation time. The good old banterings, the uninterrupted fun, the familiar language and reactions. The simple joys of life, without complicated, constant and often meaningless next stepping. 🙂


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