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Archive for November, 2005

JIT – Writer’s notes from implementation

Published on Nov 29, 2005 in Random

Implemented in: Business Process Reengineering & Enterprise Resource Planning (dont wonder, we do have such course names :D) Sessions Max: 10Sessions Over: 10 Endterm Declared? YESOpen book? YES End term at: 9:30 AM, 29 November – 2005Study Material for the course collected at: 9AM, 29 November – 2005 First time book opened at: 9:12AM, 29 […]

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The lastmile of online shopping

Published on Nov 27, 2005 in Random

The way Indian online shopping is shaping up only suggests that it will take several years before the market matures… an incident to back my argument. A couple of days ago I have ordered an iPodShuffle from one of the leading shopping sites in India. After a day I got an email from them saying […]

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Shareholders, value creation and all that bushllit

Published on Nov 24, 2005 in Random

The traditional theories of corporate finance have 2 viewpoints. They are, Shareholder value maximization is much more important than growing ones own limbs, stealing office stationary and gossiping at the water cooler. No one ever bothered to read the second bullet point. But the world from now onwards is not going to be like that. […]

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How we think!

Published on Nov 23, 2005 in Random

I am not sure if this post will help you, but it will surely help me. Today something interesting happened here. One of my classmates lost his rather valuable electronic gadget. He forgot the piece of circuitry somewhere and later mailed the batch that it was lost. Later in the night when I went to […]

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Published on Nov 19, 2005 in Random

All the best for CAT 2005 Aspirants.

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Major Audio System Change Reported in Indore!!!

Published on Nov 18, 2005 in Random

I have been thinking of upgrading my old speakers to a better sound system from quite sometime. Well, finally got rid of that extra 1300 bucks in my purse to purchase these new babies. Now I can give rest to my 4-year-old speakers. Tata old ones & Welcome new ones

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500 days of PHD

Published on Nov 16, 2005 in Random

Somewhere during the IRIS and loads of sleep and laziness, my blog has finished 500days of existence. Congratulations PHD 🙂

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IRIS 2005

Published on Nov 14, 2005 in Random

IRIS 2005 is over. I know I haven’t spoken much about it. For one, it’s been a part of my life for the last 8-9 months. Barring the 2 months of summer, I have spent at least a couple of hours every day on it, fearlessly dreaming about the event, carefully shaping up the themes […]

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IRIS all the way

Published on Nov 11, 2005 in Random

Our management festival IRIS is what keeping me busy for the last few days. The event is going on really well. Last 2 days have been really hectic with really lots of work and almost a thousand phone calls. Will post a detailed update when I have the time and space. Till then, oh yeah, […]

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Tell me where I can fit this

Published on Nov 6, 2005 in Random

Any high technology product with the exception of mp3 players like iPod come with a baggage of useful (less) features each trying to further complicate the problem which the consumer wanted to solve by using it. For example, we buy digital cameras to collect every moment as we live. But we end up getting either […]

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PHD in new Avatar

Published on Nov 4, 2005 in Random

Had loads of freetime today. So quenched the itch to change the template. I have been toying with the idea of having a left sidebar for quite sometime. For one the left sidebars give more ad revenue (researcg says that we tend to look at the left top of the window most of the time). […]

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Salmagundi of sense and nonsense

Published on Nov 2, 2005 in Random

I opened word to type a new blog at 2AM. Its 3 now and I still don’t know what I am going to write. I guess the break from blogging has been too lengthy. I could think of several things including ‘rhymes management would sing’ :p, but nevertheless torture to the frequent readers of this […]

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