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I opened word to type a new blog at 2AM. Its 3 now and I still don’t know what I am going to write. I guess the break from blogging has been too lengthy. I could think of several things including ‘rhymes management would sing’ :p, but nevertheless torture to the frequent readers of this infrequently updated blog is not in the agenda. So I am left with the choice of writing about what I am thinking now.

Well, the weather is becoming nasty here with temperatures dipping everyday. Diwali has come, Diwali has gone. Had fun ashifying the insane amounts of crackers and firepots etc. But the worst part is no telugu food for the festival. Its been quite long since I had a good plate of meals. The roti and dal has been really boring. How I wish there is a Andhra mess somewhere in this city.

IRIS, our festival is approaching fast. Being one of the key persons in the festival team isn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. I am working my ass off since July. I have become indifferent to work now 😀

Another one month before I get my term break. This is the first time I am actually thinking about the break All the sound about the place keeping you busy for 20hrs a day has lost its charm now. As I said, I have become indifferent to more work. I would really like to do something much more exciting than a boring case or a stupid game. May be something like eating pappu annam and watching a crappy movie in Gemini tv. 😀

Well, the post isn’t all that bad, for once I am feeling good after cribbing. Well, just before you reach out to the right – top of the screen – let me assure you that next update is going to be faster than this one.

And yeah, “Happy Diwali”


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