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Archive for April, 2005

What a life…

Published on Apr 30, 2005 in Random

I love mumbai :D. The statement sounds absurd. But i am gonna miss this city from monday. I am leaving on the field trip on monday evening. I will be in, – pune – 3rd to 7th– nagpur – 8th to 11th– bhopal – 12th to 14th– ahmedabad – 15th to 18th– delhi – 19th […]

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A nights tale

Published on Apr 27, 2005 in Random

Last night was a perfect mumbaite night. I had a hectic day at office. Me went to meet some doctors in sion. My appetite for travel in locals died for the day after changing trains to reach that place. When i went back to my room all i wanted to do was to lie down […]

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Local Advertising

Published on Apr 26, 2005 in Random

Being the ad freak that I am, I spend most of the travel time gazing at the billboards inside/outside the local stations. Sometime back the idea of writing an article on these advertisements came to my mind. Here goes the implementation of the same. Spread the buzz! Zee – Bhaskar’s stable is trying to launch […]

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A weekend that was…

Published on Apr 25, 2005 in Random

Me had a wonderful weekend. Sorry for the late post. I am busy meeting doctors and gathering their inputs. Anyways, coming back to the weekend stuff, it started on the evening of thursday itself with hairy, karthick (an fms dude) and me watching “Mumbai Expresss“. Not a very great movie. But full of dumb comedy. […]

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Purnography – 3

Published on Apr 21, 2005 in Random

or an ode to Wilson’s and its surroundings…. some of the photos i have clicked yesterday. pretty much wilsonized and rest of them are on the road touching the hostel. An experiment with the carridors What make the hostel so cool place to be even in the summer? certainly this. In and out of the […]

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Vimukthi from world of cubes…

Published on Apr 19, 2005 in Random

There is a wonderful word for salvation in Telugu. It is “vimukthi”. Now you know what I am going to talk about. Thank God!, I finally got the much needed break from living in cubes. I will be doing some field study over next 6-7 days in Mumbai. That essentially translates into traveling in locals, […]

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Otherwise a lazy weekend

Published on Apr 18, 2005 in Random

Just when i finished publishing the last post vishy buzzed me on Y! and invited me to NASEOH (an NGO based in mumbai) to participate in an afternoon session with differently-abled people teaching them computers and communication skills. I was in two minds whether to go there or not. But after a hefty lunch at […]

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Lazy Weekend

Published on Apr 17, 2005 in Random

Me had hazaar plans for the weekend. But in the end lazyness prevailed. Rest is/will be history 🙂 Enjoy!

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Purnography 2

Published on Apr 15, 2005 in Random

These were taken few days back. Since I am having problems copying photos from cam to office comp there is a delay in posting here. 😀 Mackichan hall’s dark and royal carridors The balconies A poster in my room which brings me close to reality somewhere on the beachroad a showroom is actually selling them […]

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Chowpatti beach

Published on Apr 14, 2005 in Random

Of all things i frequent in this coastal city, chowpatti scores a notch above everyone else. For one the beach is near by and spacious. After getting used to the ultra-space-conservative bombaite apartments, hostels, loos, offices, hotels and dresses of babes at the end of the day a beach with lots of space between me […]

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A date with just another mumbai bar & restaurant

Published on Apr 13, 2005 in Random

Being the foodies that hairy and me are we were vigorously searching for a restaurant which can serve non-veg food and is near to the place where we live. After initial enquiries with other bschoolers we found that there is a good and cheap place near by. So yesterday after office hours we left the […]

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Published on Apr 11, 2005 in Random

As promised, i am here for updates after the end of a long day @ work. Its good so far. Not much load and somethings to learn. Office timings are 9 to n. The place is also very near from my hostel room. minimum charge by bus. More than the work I must tell about […]

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From Bombay

Published on Apr 10, 2005 in Random

Came to Bombay today morning. Had a wonderful journey. Managed to utilize most of the time by doing masala, sleep and dinner. It was my first time in AC class of trains. Had good fun exploiting the facilities. Somehow managed to lug my baggage out of central station in the morning. Damn, it sure is […]

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1/2 and how?

Published on Apr 9, 2005 in Random

Just 20 hours ago i have completed one year at this wonderful place. It feels good and damn it, it feels fast. I am leaving the campus in another 3 hours. Packing madhu. Will be missing the 24 hour internet and night canteens and all the fun for 2 months. But again, summers should be […]

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Purnography 1

Published on Apr 9, 2005 in Random

Welcome to the series of posts titled “purnography”. You will see some of the photos i have taken in these posts. Any suggestions/comments are always welcome. Macro 1 & 2 Reaching to Sky? Life & Hunger Tada!

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