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Otherwise a lazy weekend

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Just when i finished publishing the last post vishy buzzed me on Y! and invited me to NASEOH (an NGO based in mumbai) to participate in an afternoon session with differently-abled people teaching them computers and communication skills. I was in two minds whether to go there or not. But after a hefty lunch at crystal i thought why not.

So there i was boarding an empty sunday local heading towards bandra. But soon the sunday part of the local gone for a toss and my box is full with people people and more people. After performing my best ever getting out act i was on the bandra platform looking out Wayne (my junior in I) who promised me to take to chembur where NASEOH is located.

Soon 3 of us (Wayne, Puneet and me) were in a BEST bus that is cutitng through most of the mumbai’s poor people and pathetic roads. By the time we changed another transportation mode and reached NASEOH PG, Simba and Muneera (yeah, the Muneera Lokhandwala, IMS, CL fame) were already there teaching them how internet works.

Even though I didnt teach them anything, I had good fun watching others do it. Somewhere here geetu joined us. Poorthing, she got stuck in a local.

After the classes are over all of us headed to Barista, thanks largely to Vishy’s treat for he got into WIMWI.

When i am back in room its already 9. All of a sudden we (hairy, doctor and me) decided to have good food, thanks largely to our weeklong kanjoos eating outs. This time we managed to find the right restaurant. I enjoyed the food verywell.

Back on monday its another hectic day at work. Me will be going to field to do some data collection in a couple of days. God bless the locals.


PS: Excuse the pelling mittakes if any.


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