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Local Advertising

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Being the ad freak that I am, I spend most of the travel time gazing at the billboards inside/outside the local stations. Sometime back the idea of writing an article on these advertisements came to my mind. Here goes the implementation of the same.

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Zee – Bhaskar’s stable is trying to launch an English news paper in Mumbai sometime around August. Launching a news papers is not an easy thing. Especially when you want to address the people with rich heritage and established habits like the mumbaikars. So the company decided to use buzz marketing strategy to launch its news paper DNA (stands for daily news & analysis). The news paper tries to publish the opinions of the common folks like you and me. The ad agency pasted the whole town with billboards, posters, slogans. Best part is that all of them have a single theme. A typical mumbaikar is shown in the foreground and there is a text message that shows his/her opinion on one of the popular subjects. The messages are simple yet appealing. Messages like “I am not from IIM. So?” by a college going women, “Bring back Negar khan” by a 40+ balding uncle, “Duh!” by a metrosexual male.

The strategy followed is simple. Paint all possible spots in the town with the ads. Obviously it costs them money. But they managed to raise the critical mass’s eye brows. Lets wait and see how their paper works out.


For me RNA builders is just another real estate company till 2 days ago. That is when I have seen their ad in kandivali station. They used some really intuitive advertising to grab the quick walking, time pressed mumbaikar’s eyes. The ads used the images of local trains. The images that you generally see in railway warnings/messages like “use foot over bridge”, “don’t catch a moving train” or “don’t hang outside the locals” etc. The images are similar. The only difference is that they were interpreted in a different way altogether. For example an image of a person trying to catch a moving train is shown along with this body copy “Jogging tracks are available to keep you fit”, which obviously highlights a feature of the apartments.

I will post more on this subject later. Right now I am trying to capture some of these ads in my cam. 😀

Tail Piece: When I googled for the DNA news paper I ended up on an agencyfaq page where there is a banner of the Channel 7 news channel. The creative part of this page is that you will have channel 7 logo as the mouse pointer add on. Check here.


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