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Archive for February, 2006

TCS it is

Published on Feb 28, 2006 in Random

Finally I am going to Tata Consultancy Services as a business analyst. Location and other details of the job or not known at this point of time. but it should be clear in another couple of weeks time.

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Farewell Party and the deadly hangover

Published on Feb 25, 2006 in Random

I just came out from the hangover of our farewell party (it happened day before yesterday).[Read the welcome party post] It started with a formal dinner hosted at Mashal. After the initial rounds of beer, kebabs, food and excessive consumption of vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce (stop cribbing, I am passionate about food :D) We […]

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Loading MBA … ;)

Published on Feb 23, 2006 in Random

Came back from my last exam… The only thing left is placement, but I dont think they are a part of the package, so, I am declaring myself as a proud “pointy haried dilbert” 😀 (click on the button to start the movie)

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What is keeping me busy?

Published on Feb 22, 2006 in Random

Exams … 3 of them in threedays. Whats is more special is that they could be the last exams ever. Placements … You know about the form-filling, doubt clearing, book refering, suit cleaning, self grooming mad rush these placements are about. Packing … finally, everything that is this clean has to be packed and moved. […]

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The "notag pact" tag

Published on Feb 20, 2006 in Random

I hereby pledge that I would not annoy the below 5 by tagging them with stupid and painful tagging in the future. In short I have no tag pact with you all. – Govar– Ranjitha– Subbu– Ramanuj– Bhasky 😉

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12 days… :(

Published on Feb 19, 2006 in Random

Schedule for the last 12 days… – 19th – Lateral placements batch party– 20th – 24th – end term exams– 23rd – farewell party– 25th – march 1st – placement week– march 2nd – another huge party– march 3rd – adios… :(( If there is anything done to reduce the pain of leaving this place […]

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Magazine advertising gets better

Published on Feb 18, 2006 in Random

The latest ad by GE money is executed really well. For one I am a big hater of magazine ads with a portion coming out of the magazine layout (I dont know what do you call them), but they are annoying and make the whole reading experience painful. Comments?

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MMT rocks again

Published on Feb 17, 2006 in Random

MakemyTrip.com does it again with yet another superb interactive. Check the “moving train” interactive ad here. Agency: WebChutneyRelated links – Chidiya Udi, MMT‘s another interactive campaign

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Unmaking of Business Sense (part 1)

Published on Feb 16, 2006 in Random

HT seems to have gone overboard to invite advertisers… 😀

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Low Dick Space

Published on Feb 14, 2006 in Random

This is a vedio made by one of my classmates (Roongta & co), watch it… its fun (it might take sometime to load, but the wait is worth it)

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20 years: longest time to make another brick?

Published on Feb 12, 2006 in Random

This week the world is going to change. I am officially going to be out of classroom learning mode by this thursday. It took me, 1 internship 1 degree 2 diplomas 6 schools/colleges 15 years of hostel stay 16 different hostel rooms 18 different classrooms 20 years of back bench napping 60+ teachers 1000+ exams […]

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How not to do advertising online?

Published on Feb 10, 2006 in advertising, ideas

The above seen is a snapshot of the interactive ad for Indage Chateau Wine sellers. It took me to this page when I clicked on it. What went wrong with this ad? In above page you can see that there is no way in hell I can find out where all this Indage Chateau is […]

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Moving to WordPress…

Published on Feb 9, 2006 in blogging

Its almost 4 in the morning, I have been trying to change the blog to wordpress for the last 2-3 hours. Lots of template editing, a little bit of photoshopping and finally I have a page that looks similar to my ‘blogger’ page. The next challenge is to link up the archives and moving everything […]

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9 sureshot ways to kill your audience using powerpoint

Published on Feb 7, 2006 in Random

Lately I have been attending campus pre-placement talks by various leading companies in India. It would suffice to say that I have attended over half-a-hundred presentations of companies “trying to sell themselves” to us. Some of them were really good, and then some of them are so pathetic that it made me feel sorry about […]

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A new press to publish PHD Blog!!!

Published on Feb 3, 2006 in Random

FLASH *** FLASH *** FLASH A sting operation by our highly inquisitive and talented team in Hanuman Tekri revealed that the famous B-school blog (:P) Pointy Haired Dilbert may be published from a new press in the days to come. Various cms/blogging software companies are believed to have approached the author in the hopes of […]

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