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Excel Hero Academy – Recommended Online Training Program for Advanced Excel – Review by Chandoo.org

Hi Reader,

Quick Summary: If you want to learn advanced excel (macros, VBA, dashboards, advanced formulas etc.) then Daniel Ferry’s Excel Hero Academy is a great place to join. I have already joined myself.

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If you are looking for a highly advanced VBA & Excel class with in-depth insights, practical tips & challenging problems, then Daniel Ferry’s Excel Hero Academy is for you.

Daniel Ferry, who runs ExcelHero blog has been sharing various advanced excel techniques like creative formula writing, interactive charts & macros. I have been reading his blog since he started writing and learned several important tricks from him.

So, naturally I got excited when he told me he is launching an advanced excel training program, aptly named as “Excel Hero Academy“.

What is Excel Hero Academy?

Excel Hero Academy is an online Excel training program that can take you to next level of Excel. The program has 12 modules, taking us thru formulas, charting, dashboards,VBA,database techniques, excel optimization and much more.

Who should join this program?

This is great training program of those of you with intermediate level of excel skills and itching to go next level where you can develop your own excel applications and do magic.

How it works?

This is a completely online class. Once you join it, Daniel would provide you with login details where you can access the class modules, discuss homework assignments with classmates & network with some of the best Excel minds in the world.


How much is the program?

The Excel Hero Academy is priced at $499 per student.

Daniel has been kind enough to give a special discount of $50 for Chandoo.org readers. Use the discount code “chandoo” (without quotes) during check out to just pay $447 for the program.

You get 12 weeks of lessons & 24 weeks of online access. You can download both example files with this option.

There is a higher option for $999 that allows you to download the videos & become a member for life.

What do I think about this program?

This program is truly an excel hero academy. I have been helping Daniel beta test the program and I love what I see so far.

I have already paid  and joined the program myself.

I recommend this program to anyone aspiring to learn advanced excel and craft beautiful, functional excel applications & workbooks. This is a great way to improve your career skills and go to next step in Excel.

Click here to learn more about Excel Hero Academy & Join.

Any questions about Excel Hero Academy?

If you have any questions about EHA, please leave a comment. Since I am student in this program, I can tell you answers from my experience or direct them to Daniel for further help.


I receive small commission when you join Excel Hero Academy using the above link. But I am 100% sure that what Daniel or I make out of this sale is much smaller than what you will derive from this program. It is that awesome. Go ahead and sign-up already!

Thank you for your attention & Happy learning.

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