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moc(k) shocks and research rags

Published on Nov 18, 2004 in Random

MOC Shocks Whoever said managers do nothing but presentations can move ahead and prove that i am going to become a worst manager. well, atlease my grades in managerial oral communication says so. i got a measly 2.2 out of 4.33 and recieved a ‘C’ grade. Baaah !!! MOC was one of few soft courses […]

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4Ls – Link, Laughter, Lazyness, Losses

Published on Nov 17, 2004 in Random

Link found this greatlink written by JAM mag founder. Go through, and i bet you would also be tempted to add it to your fav. links. Laughter seen Hera Pheri last night. Awesome movie. Was lughing like hell throught out the movie. The mere thought of Baburao (Paresh Rawal) saying “Yeh Kabeera Speaking bahut achha […]

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Amazing reality of marketing surveys

Published on Nov 14, 2004 in Random

Today we had Marketing Research (MR) as discussion topic in marketing class. After a couple of presentations and Q&A sessions the prof raised the question (in fact he did raise more than one question.) “When is the appropriate time to do MR?”despite the fact that this question was raised at 1:15 pm when half the […]

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The mother of all terms

Published on Oct 1, 2004 in Random

Done with my registration for term 2 today morning. Got the reading material for the term too. Well, the material is simply intimidating. One of the books actually looked like a dictionary. Dont know howmuch I can comprehend. Broadly the out line of the term is, Monday 4th October – classes begin Thursday 20th October […]

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