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The mother of all terms

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Done with my registration for term 2 today morning. Got the reading material for the term too.

Well, the material is simply intimidating. One of the books actually looked like a dictionary. Dont know howmuch I can comprehend.

Broadly the out line of the term is,

Monday 4th October – classes begin

Thursday 20th October – first holiday for the classes

Friday 12th November – second holiday for the classes

Saturday 20th November – Mid term exams begin

8 courses before midterm.

marketing management-1

financial management-1





operations and production management

macro economics

after mid terms bto-2 and mwc-2 will be replaced with managerial information systems and research methods.

This term is obviously more focused towards various functions of management rather than the general introduction we had in term 1. But the time table is hinting at the worst things we have in store for the next 3 months. I hope it doesnt break us 😀

Otherwise, the term is starting very peacefully.

I came here at 3 am today. after some 3 hours sleep from 5 to 8 we went to PGP office to get our registration done. The weather is getting better here. It has rained in the afternoon and evening and the hill seems like a hill resort. Also, we got our first party for the term tonight.

the theme for the party is ‘mix and match’. Simply put you have to dress like Govinda with weird combos (for ex: shorts + blazers, Kurta + T-Shirt). That should give you an idea. Also we have a game starting at 7:15 pm. So I better get back to the melting pot now. 😀

That is all. Wait for more updates as the term eats me.

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  1. Govar says:

    And you made it to the party?

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